Purple Lemon Photography

Sarah & Brian

Tuesday, July 5, 2011
I've known Sarah for a long time- in fact, she even lived with my family for a while back when I was pregnant.  Her fella, on the other hand, I met the day of the session since he's been far, far away most of the time that I've known of him- in New York, Spain, and D.C. I think it was a few weeks back.
It was engagement session time.  We went for a colorful, urban feel and it was interesting morning for sure.  First of all, it was American Idol audition day, and we happened to choose the exact corner where EVERYONE was.  A mini miracle: my photos look like they are all alone in the middle of the city (even the wide-angle shots I took). Isn't that how it is with love? Eyes for only one and it seems like everything else just disappears.

Anyhow, with all the traveling they do, and the fact that they took a train ride together they day that Brian proposed, we thought that the new Amtrak station downtown would provide the perfect colorful, modern backdrop for some photos. We gained access to an area "for ticket holders only" and got some fun shots before they changed their minds and kindly kicked us out. Thanks Amtrak!

 Then we took a walk and stopped near this parking garage that I've spied a few times and discovered a photographers playground inside.  The bottom level is unfinished but perfectly accessible...

 And really now, who can resist a happened-upon spray painted heart? Not me. (see here and here)
 And I can just see this one on a 5x10 tabletop styrene print with a cute little easel...