Purple Lemon Photography

Nicole & Ryan

Thursday, May 31, 2012
Last Thursday I had the honor of photographing a small, intimate wedding- yes, on a Thursday.  Nicole and Ryan had a simple wedding planned that just took my breath away.  In a normal wedding day, I have anywhere from about eight to twelve hours with a wedding couple, but here I had just shy of one and a half  hours total.  During this short time, I saw more adoration, expectation, and genuine expressions of affection than I often see during a huge event.  It was so refreshing!

Located at the Conservatory in historic St. Charles, MO. 
 A little family love before they got to see each other...
 One of the sweetest "first looks" that I have ever photographed.  They both said they completely forgot I was there, and I got a great series of tender, beautiful expressions!  Here are the first few moments...

I love Ryan's expression here- this is the look he got in his eye when Grandma told him to "think about Nicole."

Just lovely!
 So sweet!
 I love this smile Ryan gave to Nicole as the ceremony began.
Such care in his eyes.

 Congratulations, Ryan & Nicole!

Christmas is just around the corner (even though it is May)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012
Did you know that Christmas is coming? Yep, I said it, Christmas.

This family knows it, and got their family photos taken for Christmas presents.  Now the hard part is keeping a secret that long... And I'm probably not helping much, am I?

Keep in mind that I'll be pretty much done shooting for the year in September-ish, with the baby coming and all, so be sure to schedule now if you want some family portraits over the summer or early fall.  Or you can use your wedding images for a Christmas card or thank you.

Big News & Limited Availability

Friday, May 18, 2012
We've been planning and closing off dates for weddings for quite some time now- and the time has finally come to announce that we are having a baby!

We will keep you up to date as you contact us with your inquiries, but for those of you considering our photography services or current clients, here is the current plan.

2012 Availability

Weddings through September 2012
Office hours & portrait sessions through October 2012

On leave: November 2012- January 2013

2013 Availability
Limited office hours beginning February 2013
Portrait sessions & weddings beginning March 2013

Wedding Availability:
2012: We only have small number of wedding slots open for the remainder of 2012, and are only booking for 2 more.
2013:  We already have a handful of brides lined up for 2013, so be sure to get your consultations lined up early ensure our availability for us to photograph the first day of your marriage.

Baby Shower, again

Tuesday, May 8, 2012
I am in that bubble where I consistently know about 10 folks having a baby growin' in their belly at any given time.  It's pretty fun.  Last year, I helped throw a baby shower- and it was bright, cheery, and fun.  And then, you know what, I did it again. Equally bright and colorful (though I really just contributed things that were white, like plates...). I got to snap a few shots before the guests arrived.
Congrats to J & S!
Great job to my co-hostesses, K, H, J, and L!

The best distraction

Thursday, May 3, 2012
The best distraction from real work is looking at my family.

(Probably not for you, but at least for me. Maybe your best distraction from real work is looking at your family, so you should book a session so you have awesome photos to look at, too. Yep, that's right.)
I posted that image on Facebook a week or two ago, and now a print is on my way to my house so I can look at it every day. 

Fun fact: my camera was perched precariously on a branch to get this shot at an impromptu "session" with my family.

Classic Eli: fireman boots and a stick.

Classic Brian: so handsome I might pass out.
 Then Brian getting poked with a stick Eli's holding. This is my life.