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9 months

Wednesday, September 30, 2009
The little fella is now what we call "The Moose." (I must say I stole that phrasing from someone else, but ... it's ok.). Here's the stats on my BIG baby boy at 9 months.

Length: 29.25 inches/75%
Weight: 23 lbs. 14 oz./90%
Head circumference: 45 cm/25%
Teeth: 3.5 (1 as of a week ago, 2 more in the last two days, 1 more almost in)
Skills: Rock 'n Rollin', workin' on crawlin', smilin', gigglin' and sometimes bawlin'

Once again, I did the same shots I did at 3 months and 6 months to compare. And, apparently my creativity is lacking, as I pretty much wrote the same blog I did three months ago...

Also, just a reminder that I will have work for sale & on display at the Loop in Motion Art Walk this Friday evening and all day Saturday! Come check us out at the Loop Market Corridor outside Racanelli's.

Korean Dol

Thursday, September 24, 2009
Earlier this week, I got to be the photographer for my first Korean Dol. Not only was it my first, but a Dol is a first birthday party, so it was the guest of honor's first Dol, too. And for the family it was the first, as they did not have the traditional party for their first daughter.

This was a fun learning experience for me (and oh, how I wish I could have taken the GIANT chocolate cake home with me), so I'll teach you what I learned. Through pictures.

First of all, decorations are very important. Here is the head table. The tall cylindrical shaped times on the front traditionally would be (left to right) dates, sweets/cakes, chestnuts, and beans.
The guest of honor wears a special dress. This one is from Korea.

Lots of food! They were so kind and made up a plate for Brian and the little fella who had been taking a walk outside. The whole family joined in the fun.

Following the tradition, there is a voting table where people vote on what item the baby will chose from a tray. Tradition says that whatever the baby chooses will be an indication of their future. In this family, the father is a hair dresser so they added (untraditionally) scissors. That is just what Madeline chose!

Of course there were sweets! No birthday would be complete without cakes and cupcakes...

Something else that I found fascinating (the social scientist that I am is coming out here- aren't we glad I went to college for that degree?) is the similarity between this event and the weddings that I'll be shooting this weekend. It is a celebration with many traditions surrounding it. Someone wears a special dress or suit. There are special cakes. The choosing of the item is like tossing a bouquet, as it "tells the future." Families gather and figure out how to mesh and celebrate together. This particular family was both Korean and American, so it exemplifies the differences in family and culture. It was wonderful to see how the traditions were shared but not forced (they gracefully had some pizza available). I could go on, but this is my photography business, not my social science dissertation.

Thank you, Lee Family, for including me in the party. I enjoyed it!

Save the Date- Loop in Motion Art Walk

Tuesday, September 22, 2009
Save the Date!

Friday, October 2 and Saturday October 3 is the Loop in Motion Art Walk in University City. I will have prints and canvasses for sale in my display near Racanelli's. So come grab a delicious bite to eat and stroll through the booths, displays, art openings, and various exhibitions. Be sure to stop by my table and say hello (as well as purchase some fine art for your home).

If you did not get a chance to see what I had on display at Crave coffeehouse over the summer, come see me here as I have those projects as well as some more prints from Europe.

pass on the word. mark your calendars. save the date.

Behind the Scenes

Tuesday, September 15, 2009
I realized that my little (BIG) boy has managed to come along on many of my shoots this summer. I manage to snap a few of him here and there... I just plucked out a couple to share, because I love my son, and I hear y'all love looking at him.

The approach of a baby kiss.... EWWW!!

He said he wanted twins... This is what it would have been like. :)

My best man with his best man.

Cashed out.

Chattin' buddies.

Birthday Pictures, Part 2

Wednesday, September 9, 2009
Today, I finished up the birthday pictures from the rain-out of the weekend. We had high hopes of taking pictures in our neighborhood (these are some of my neighbors), and I'd scoped out this awesome fence at a daycare down the road from our homes. I'd contacted the daycare in person and on the phone to ask the owner about taking pictures on the property since it's near kids. I never heard back so we were nervous... but our hopes were not dashed. They weren't sure why were camping out in their "front yard," but they let us stay. And we got some super cute shots!

I wasn't intentionally taking matching mommy and daddy shots, since these were at opposite ends of the shoot, but I love how similar they are.

If I had a flower girl, this would be her

Tuesday, September 8, 2009
My husband and I have some dear friends who were our best man and matron of honor in our wedding. We LOVE them! If we had chosen to have kiddos in our wedding, their oldest, Kaitlynn, would have been our flower girl. When I was first starting out as a photographer, way back in high school, they saw my potential and were some of my first clients. I took Kaitlynn's pictures as a baby, and now she's a big sister! Time for pictures of the four of them.

We live 4 hours apart, so we met in the middle- Columbia, MO. None of us know the town, so we got there about 1/2 hour early and found a few spots. We rarely get to see each other, so we went all out. It was a day-long affair. Due to the fact that it was a mondo-photoshoot, I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites. Kaitlynn knows how to "work it" and Natalie is just a doll!

Check out this awesome spot we found!

The girl's faces are just what I wanted here: "... uh, mom... dad... cut it out."

I was playing around with some vignetting the other day and brought it out for this one. Isn't it fun and reminiscent of days gone by? I did some photo restoration for my mom as a gift a few years back and this has a similar feel.

Happy Birthday!

Saturday, September 5, 2009
Happy Birthday, Anrazel!

This morning, I photographed a double-birthday-doozy! It was a photoshoot for the first birthday of BBZ (his awesome blogger name), but it was actually on his mom's birthday! What a fun birthday weekend.

It has been raining for hours, so our shoot was cut short. We stuck to the house for today, and we'll venture out into the neighborhood in a few days. Stay tuned later this week for the second half of our adventure.

Here are a few of my favorites from the morning.

He is simply a flurry of activity, rushing from one thing to the next. This shows his personality so well!

Gearing up...

Friday, September 4, 2009
I am looking forward to a few family shoots with babies this weekend, as I've had a few weeks of resting. It's time to get back in the game!

This morning, I wanted to show my family around the world the little (HUGE) guy in his cousin's old jammies, lookin' super cute. So to the friendly, free Skype world we went (as we go most days), and nuts... no one was home. In order to show off the cuteness and gear up for the weekend, while ensuring the camera that is NOT getting repaired way off in California is in top working order, we did a mini shoot in the hallway.

I love my son.

Stay tuned for some fun posts of my weekend shoots and upcoming sales. Happy Holidays! (Labor day, that is).