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Monday, November 23, 2009
We've updated our website with new pictures in the galleries, minor tweaks, and some new features. Start popping those lemonheads and check it out!


(and actually, I think the cute husband- man behind me is still working on some more changes, so they'll just keep coming).


Saturday, November 21, 2009
Some dear friends had a little girl. They call her (at least in bloggy-world) L'Bug. She is a delightful little baby with the most captivating eyes. We had been planning this shoot for what seems like ages and had to wait until she had her three month ear-piercing.

The Mama & the Papa are amazing and it's an honor to have them as friends. I knew this would be a fabulous shoot as they not only have personalities with a "zing" but they have amazing style and are artsy to the max (meaning I got to have fun and know that it wouldn't be too weird). The amazing part is that although I did do a few extreme things with light and color, there were tons from this shoot that I kept straight out of the camera. No post-processing required here! I tried to narrow it down for this post, but as you'll see, I had a hard time!

You can check out the mama's work at Eclectically Home Grown. She's incredible. Buy some Christmas presents, pronto. I did. Or maybe new years... it's getting close to Christmas.

...asleep upon my arrival.

...but, woke up cheery!

I love this.

Back in high school, I almost always took indoor chairs outdoors for pictures. I liked the ordinary qualities of a park and a rocking chair, but the contrast that they bring to each other is striking. This concept is part of where the name Purple Lemon Photography comes from. It fit with the ideas that the Mama had for L'Bug's photoshoot.

Greatful for the giddiness

Friday, November 20, 2009
Michaela & Will are in love. There is no doubt about it. This delightful couple (who I met from my work with the Partners for Just Trade) was so easy to photograph because they needed no direction to look lovingly into each other eyes- they just did it. Same for laughing, smiling, playing, and showing the light-heartedness they had wanted for their engagement pictures.

I read once about a philosophy for engagement sessions that is like a date for three. I loved it! It helps me express to couples that we are going to be engaging with the environment, and that we aren't just looking for a cool tree or wall to photograph by, but we are going to find locations that have meaning for them and that they should behave like they would on a date- smiling, laughing, interacting with each other more than me.

We started at their apartment.

(below: two of my favorite favorites)

To quote Michaela, they are "avid readers" and are students, so off to Subterranean Books for some flirty, funky pictures. Thanks to the staff there for their help and willingness to let us take over for a little while! This stop was full of hilarity as we all tried to find book with good titles to use as our "props" but kept finding all the worst possible titles for our needs. Also, 3-D glasses. Need I say more?

(below: my husband's favorite).

They even look into each others' eyes with their 3-D glasses on. :)
The bookstore is near their house, on the Loop in U-City where they hang out a lot. So we traipsed about the Loop, stopping to take pictures at little nooks and funky walls. Below is an entrance to one of their favorite restaurants on the Loop. Love the shadows!
Happy find!
Small history lesson. The Loop is named for the trolley cars that used to come out to the area and it made it's loop back towards the city in this area. I love this picture with the trolley car!

I'm Out Change My World

Several years ago, my mom passed a book down to me that had impacted her when she was my age. It is called, I'm Out to Change my World by Ann Kiemel. Great book. You can borrow it, if you'd like. Just ask, and I'll send it your way.

I was reminded of the title when out shooting for the St. Louis Continuum of Care website yesterday- my little part of helping to end chronic homelessness. This is not the final shot for this particular part of the project, as the weather was "muddy" not as crisp and beautiful as we'd hope for. But I found the location I'd been sent to discover. I count that as a success.

I thought I'd include bits of the process here on my blog until the final pictures are ready to help end homelessness!

Would you like to join me in praying for the end of homelessness in St. Louis?


God, will you do that for St. Louis? Will you end chronic homelessness? I pray that you give wisdom to the 50 not-for-profits in St. Louis working to this end and perseverance to press on to that end. Jesus, bring about compassion in your people to make that happen! Amen.


Monday, November 16, 2009
This past weekend, after my family and I recovered from H1N1, we headed to the Lake of the Ozarks to a leader's retreat with church. I got to take pictures of everyone for some church publication stuff and convinced everyone to gather 'round for a group picture. These are some of my very best friends.

It is tempting to put up all the pictures of the small group leaders since they were all so photogenic, but I'll refrain... In lieu of that, I'll throw in a few extras.