Purple Lemon Photography

Value of the Photograph

Tuesday, January 19, 2016
This past week, Brian and I ventured off to Atlanta for a photography conference, to continue to grow as a photographer and as small business owners.  I am a member of Professional Photographers of America, as well as a Certified Professional Photographer (and certification liaison) through this organization.  While we were there, we were able to stay a night with one of our dearest friends.  In a moment, I want to share a small story of what happened during our short few hours together.

Sometimes I wonder about the value of my work, as many surely do.  In the last couple of years, it has become quite apparent to me how valuable the photographic work that I do really is.  We live in a really amazing era with photographs being available to us. They help us remember people and events that so quickly pass us by, and more important than that, they to help us draw encouragement via photographs of those people who mean so much to us.

Lives are fragile, and when we have a photograph to help us remember someone, it can bring such comfort.  You can not only remember certain events, but the photograph can draw us into remembering a laugh, a smile, the look in the eyes, and so much more than that.  Photographs can evoke us to remember the gift that we have in our families and friends.

Many people that I have photographed, from the very young to the very old have passed away.  I know from notes written to me, emails, and posts on Facebook that the photographs taken at family portraits or weddings are cherished and hold so much value. I count it an honor to have created a photograph of a moment that will help a family member draw comfort in remembering.

Though we had just a few hours to spend with our friend, I was able to celebrate in the value of the photograph.  She is in a challenging season of many difficult changes, and with just a short time together do you know what we did together? She showed us a few photographs of her family history. With giddiness, she pulled this aging photograph from a box to show us her grandparents on their wedding day.  What a bit of delight added to a weighty season.  She has discovered many special photographs of her grandmother and has been able to talk to her and learn more about her family with these photographs as illustrations.

It is sincerely a pleasure for me to photograph weddings and moments like this that one day will delight your grandchildren and children.  I find such delight in knowing that I can create the illustrations to the stories your family will tell for years to come.