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Baby Boy BooBoo Bandage

Thursday, April 28, 2011
It's been a while since we've had a personal post on here. We got to go on an adventure to the ER tonight. We left with a sling. It's probably not my best moment when I called my mom to say, "he's so cute in his sling"- instead of, "he's ok"- but it's so true.

And though he was more still than he's been in months and sadder than perhaps ever, it didn't slow him down for long...

The Bridge at Ozzie's Restaurant

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I am the staff photographer for The Bridge, located in downtown St. Louis.  Last night they had a fundraiser at Ozzie's Restaurant on Washington Ave, and I had the privilege of documenting the event and running the "photos with Ozzie Smith" part of the night.  It was a lively fundraiser, even with the rain- a wii homerun tournament, auction, autographs, and dinner. 

I got a photo with Ozzie, too. (look at his charming smile!).

Spenser & Chrissy Get Married

Saturday, April 23, 2011
Some of you have seen our entry in the Professional Photographer Magazine cover contest.  (http://www.ppmag.com/cover-contest-2011/vote/10829/) Some of you have even voted.  It was of this awesome couple, Spenser & Chrissy, during their engagement session when they covered each other in finger paint.  So fun!

A couple weekends ago, they tied the knot.  It has been a pleasure getting to know this couple who live in Lincoln, IL as they attend school.  The church where they were married is where Spenser is the worship leader, so it was special to see them in their element.  They had so many special moments, so it was hard to narrow down, but here are some of my favorite images from the day.

I love things with a story.  These pearls were passed down to her, one for each year of her life, given to her on her 21st birthday.

 First moments seeing dad on her wedding day...

 When Chrissy said she was marrying the "best man..."  What a hilarious moment!

 We almost got stuck at this neat location in downtown Lincoln, when the railroad workers warned us that the RR construction cars were on the way down the track, and "there's no telling how long that'll take, if you've got somewhere to be." You know, like a reception or something?


 these two guys are up to no good.
 The BEST conga line I've ever seen. Look at all these faces. Cracks me up.
Congrats, Chrissy & Spenser Carrel!

Baby Parker

Thursday, April 21, 2011
This baby is so scrumptious. Cute. He stole my heart a little bit. Seriously.

This momma is venturing into the entrepreneurial world with a natural baby store in Columbia, MO.  If she had a website or an address or anything yet, the plug would go right here.  As a cloth diapering,  baby-wearing, nursing, wooden-toy loving momma, I love stores like that!

Tiny Post: Solving the Mystery

Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Reminder: I do head shots.

This is Heather. She is a fabulous costume designer and has a show opening this week.  It's a spoof of Twilight called Nightlight.  Don't miss it Thursday or Sunday this week at the J!

So what's the mystery?  The mystery is who this wonderful young woman is...

Poor Heather often gets a lame/confusing/befuddling introduction to most of my clients.  And though I know some previous clients might not read this, I am going to set the record straight.

My husband, Brian, and my son Eli and I live in a house. We really value living in tight community and sharing our home whenever possible.  So shortly after we got married, we opened our home.  We've shared our living spaces with a handful of friendly folks, and Heather is one of them.  We lived together in the dorms in college and have lived together off and on for several years.  She currently lives "upstairs."  We eat together. Share a bathroom. Or two. She sews next to my packaging station.  And she loves Eli in a great way.  We love her.  It's like having a family and a roommate at the same time, so I still get a great husband, but I also get to share clothes and do someone's hair on occasion. Pretty sweet deal.

Anna & Ross have a Reception

Tuesday, April 12, 2011
About a month ago, Anna & Ross got married- and perhaps you saw their wedding post.  A few weeks later, they celebrated with a reception during March Madness- with a shamrocks and basketball themed party.  Here are a few favorites from the night...

Michelle & Nate

Wednesday, April 6, 2011
What a vivacious couple! To honor this full-of-life couple, I'll do a post in a new way. To show off some favorites, I'll show you what I thought as I looked through their set. These are the "mosts."

Most romantic. Sweet. Tender. Not to mention, she was breaking out her America's Next Top Model skills!
 Most favorite of the morning!
Most Karate-Chop-Action. Hilarious, right? I couldn't ask for a couple to do this, but you want natural, and unscripted? This is it. :)
 Most Cuddly-Scrumptious.
 Most girl-next-door, literally. :)
 Most indicative of how short I am. Not really... I was totally kneeling- I hope.