Purple Lemon Photography

Baby Faces

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Let me just say I LOVE to photograph this baby!
This is my 4th time taking her pictures and I just love her to bits. She's so happy and expressive. Isn't this hilarious?
A few other favorites- though to be frank, I could have put her whole session on here. I love them all!

Also, most of my work is done outside or otherwise "on location"- but with winter coming and my sessions still being booked, she was my test subject.  We just shot right here in my office.  I love the look, especially for a little doll like this. 

A beautiful belly

Monday, October 18, 2010
A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a delightful family that is about to be a little bit bigger.  They are just days away from meeting their second little one!  Their first is a darling little girl who is about the same age as Eli, and just as active.  I loved these maternity pictures so much!  Here are just a few favorites...

Kristi & Kenny

Thursday, October 14, 2010
Kristi & Kenny... well, they're a ... a little bit different. You know, different. Just kidding. They're actually an awesome young couple that wanted their pictures to be a little bit different. I think we hit the mark! We dreamed up a shoot with the following elements: a hotel liquidation warehouse, water, and an overpass. All of which have some connection to their love story. And I love making images reflect those stories, so here goes...

I loved this image the moment I saw it in the lens.

 Hilarity. Mom- see that unicorn?

 Although Kristi is afraid of heights, Kenny proposed on an overpass, of all places.  Just imagine some corn fields and a sunset. Pure romance.  I had seen this overpass with "LOVE" on it a while back and wanting someone daring to go up on it. They fit the bill.  Thanks, Kristi, for facing your fears with such excitement! Glad we didn't get in trouble with this one.

 How amazing? She showed up with a shirt that matched our location.
Come back in June to see more of these two- they made my cameras happy.

Jimmy & Amy

Jimmy & Amy are from my growing list of out of town couples who have come to St. Louis for some Purple Lemon Photos.  They drove in only to find the highway was closed. Not just backed up, but closed.  A long detour later, I got to switch them into date mode and shake off their traffic frustration- leaving just what they wanted- romance and something personal. On a Saturday morning.

Partners for Just Trade

Wednesday, October 13, 2010
Partners for Just Trade make appearances here on the PLP blog quite often, and here they are again!  They've just received what I think I heard was over 2000 pounds of merchandise from Peru for this upcoming season.  I photographed most of it for their website. And then decided that I needed to buy a lot of things for myself.

We're headed out of the office for about 10 days starting next week, so I needed to buy a Fair Trade toiletry case!

 And the winter season is coming, and my bookings aren't slowing down so I needed some matching arm warmers and hat.  I'll be donning these soon, don't you worry about that! I've even been growing my hair out a little bit for hat season.
 And perhaps you could wear this scarf... or get some handmade Christmas Ornaments. Or a blanket. Or stuffed animals. Or an apron. Or some fruit. They sell so many things!
 This is to get you in the holiday mood.  And speaking of which, current clients, be watching your in-boxes for some Purple Lemon Photography holiday sales!

Miller Family

I love all the unique reasons people need and want photographs.  Each family has their own story, and this striking family with their charming children has one to tell.  I was honored to photograph them to aid in their process of adopting children from Ethiopia.  Perhaps next year I'll get to photograph them again with a fuller clan to celebrate the additions God would give them to their family!

We were aiming for urban/park.  How'd we do?

 This is perhaps the most darling picture I may have ever taken.

 What fall photo shoot is complete without a nice leaf tossing picture?
Can I get a pair of those boots?