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Five Year Anniversary, and I still do

Tuesday, August 16, 2011
Disclaimer: This blog typically is a showcase of my photography, often with regards to weddings.  This is a showcase of photography, and it's about a wedding- sort of.  But I am the subject, rather than the photographer.  But the photography was by 2nd shooter and dear friend, Casey.

August fifth was my five year anniversary.  On the first of August, I surprised my handsome husband with a renewal of vows ceremony at a quiet park near a small lake.  Our simple, almost-hippie spirit was shining in full glory as the sunset teased us into thinking the oppressive heat would disappear into the lake; we shared some of the same vows as we did before and had each written new vows.  (He knew it was coming and to write the vows, just not when or how).  My husband wrote vows that made me cry and will remind me daily of his true devotion to me. I am very loved.

 I just love my nephew's face here. What admiration!

 Everyone there:
 This is our little family.  Heather (our friend), Me, Eli (my son), and Brian (my hubby).

Columbia Bottom Conservation Area

Tuesday, August 9, 2011
This past few weeks has thrown what little sense of rhythm I have in my schedule off.  So getting to work it's a bit hard this morning.  I have been starting slow, clearing out the junk on my computer so I can see clearly what I need to tackle this month.  I discovered a little folder from an outing a few months back that I'd wanted to post.  Nothing important, just a little peek into family fun and a surprise of a lovely location that I'll probably bring many people back to for photographs.

We took a Sunday afternoon visit to the Columbia Bottom Conservation Area.  It was a perfect day for a drive through the area and a short hike.  Which reminds me- not only was this a fun spot, but one of my assistants/good friends Casey and I took the kids to the Little Creek Nature Center yesterday, and it, too, was a great outing spot, as well as a potential fun photo spot!


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I had to laugh when I'd set up to take a little nature scene (which, oddly enough, wasn't of the more picturesque spots I found, but I just wanted to take the photo) and Eli just stepped in front to get his picture taken. 
 and what was hiding behind him...

Brad & Amanda Tie the Knot

Thursday, August 4, 2011
While taking Brad and Amanda's engagement photos, I quickly saw the loving relationship that Brad has for his bride, but also how much he adores his daughter! It was special being able to see special moments that Brad squeezed in with his little one amidst a full day that is dedicated to showing his love for Amanda.  I think it shows his devotion to his family, and I just ate it up! 
 Look at these tears as his bride comes down the aisle, and the joy on everyone's faces.
It is a great joy seeing great relationships with parents- just look at their expressions walking to greet his parents.
 And her mom's deep love as they embraced.
People ask me if I do "formals"- and yes, I do. Their wedding day was extremely hot outside, so I took advantage of being able to be inside as much as I could. Those groomsmen would have melted in their tuxes! A lovely church and a great hotel lobby worked in our favor, I have to say!
 It wasn't until I saw these wreaths on the doorway that I remembered I photographed a wedding here several years ago when I was just an assistiant.
 Then on to a lively reception (Chase and I couldn't stop dancing...).  We had a good time photographing with the stringed lights and great textures in the room.
Last but not least- they had a photo booth.  Chase and I always get those weddings for some reason, and we never miss out on the fun! (C'mon, Casey- we'll get one!).