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Jenna & Tim: Wedding

Thursday, December 19, 2013
Jenna & Tim's wedding fell right after Thanksgiving, nestled on a chilly fall day between one holiday and the entrance of another.  Though brisk, it was a lovely day reaching into the 50s, and not nearly as cold as the mere seven degrees I had first read on the forecast.   It was a perfect accompaniment to an elegant wedding day complete with a few outdoor stops for photography between the wedding and reception.

 Winter weddings leave an opportunity for night photography and an extra dose of creativity.
 I love this one with the wall as the focus, just a little something different.

Baby J

Wednesday, December 4, 2013
As I sit here, I'm realizing I've photographed this family since back in my film days. I've been friends with Rachel and Brett since college and have photos from those early days.  One from when Brett and friends took me on my very first camping trip which resulted in an injury to Brett's hand right before baseball season. Oops...

Now I want to go find one of those and scan it for your viewing pleasure.

Anyhow, they are a trio now, and this little guy is all on the move.
Being about the same age as my little one and being neighbors, it's fun to see him grow (Though, considering we are neighbors, I should see him a bit more. Perhaps next spring, when park time returns, we'll frequent the park by their house. Got that Rachel? Deal?)

I really love the realness in this photograph.  Perhaps one day, it will be fun to look back at the record that his rattle was a Parmesan Cheese container filled with Raisin Bran. I love that.

OK. I did it. Here you go. My hubby and a long-haired Brett, but the hat covers it all up.  Notice the wrapped up finger. (Brett don't hate me right now. Brian is already questioning this decision to let me post this.)

Baby L

This little girl is the kind of little girl who is just so darling it makes me crazy. So adorable.

Happy first birthday, little one!

Eli, 4 years, Part 1

Thursday, November 21, 2013
The last couple of years, in the fall, I've photographed my son, Eli. With an old camera.

This year he has grown farther and farther out of love with having me take photos of him.  Eye contact is painful. He is self-conscious, emotional, and looks tragically sad in most photographs. And though he is an emotional boy these days, he's not always sad, so I occasionally want some record, as any mom would, of his awesome smile and bright eyes.

I didn't know if he would even want to take photos this year. But we asked him, and he was elated. His favorite thing on earth is one on one time with Momma. So when the deal was proposed to take photos and Dad and Levi get to stay at home, he was completely pumped and eager.

Elisha's special request: photos at the Alpine Shop and the Kirkwood Train Station.

It was remarkable- eye contact, smiles, and downright cheerfulness. Some of the outtakes are rather hilarious. He as a dream of being a foreman, and the closest he could be at a photo shoot was mini art director, so I let him call some of the shots- quite literally. What a riot!

Today I'll share a few from the Alpine Shop.
Me: Hey, Buddy, look at that building over there.
Eli: You mean the pharama-seed?
(And I'm glad I got some photos of this bike. We love it, but we think it was swiped from our yard this week; good lesson in taking care of your stuff...)
 Clingin' to a kayak like his PopPop!

A Fall Family Favorite

Saturday, November 2, 2013
The last few times autumn has rolled around, I've had the privilege of photographing this fantastic family.  I was telling Brian on my way to this session that I love photographing their family because they so clearly love and adore each other, interact with great ease, and simply enjoy being together.  This time was no different.  Definitely a fall family favorite for me.
Check out the air on this one!
p.s. This is my 300th blog post for this site.