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Black and White Baby

Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Several weeks ago, a friend had a little baby. Her fourth. She's amazing, as she greeted me at the door of her hospital room.  Anyhow, just a few black and white baby photos to share today.

A new home

Thursday, November 15, 2012
Two months ago (though I cannot believe it was that long ago), I took a trip to photograph my cousin's wedding*.  I'll take a break from designing her wedding album to share something else from that trip.

When I photographed one of my other cousin's weddings a few years ago, I photographed at my aunt and uncle's property.  People often ask me where that amazing location is, and if I can take them there.  I loved that home most of my upbringing, and actually did some of my early portrait "work" with my cousins when I was a kid in the woods and front porch.

When they told me they bought a home "in town," I have to admit, I was a little devastated. They kept telling my mom that when I came to see it, I'd love it, I was doubtful to say the least.  But then... I got there and my jaw hit the floor.

So let's venture away from portraits for a little while, and I'll give you a tour of the parts of this simply amazing civil war era farmhouse that have already been or have started their restoration. If only you could see the starting point on some of this, the transformation would be simply mind blowing!  My aunt and uncle have a gift, and since it isn't in a magazine (yet), I figure I'll put it on my blog.

 My uncle made that table. With his hands... and I suppose some tools, but still... that's incredible!
 Though not yet complete, Eli wanted a photo of him looking out of the window where he stayed. :)
 Before loading up the car, we needed one last front porch rocking chair moment.
Thank you so much for your hospitality! I can't wait to see it all done.

*the top photo on that post shows me and my second shooter both pregnant, but also noteworthy is that she is having her baby... like...right now. Crazy! I, however, am not.

Final Fall Family

Tuesday, November 6, 2012
The time has come. *sniffle* I am officially done shooting for the season before baby comes (though thankfully, I have a second shooter having a baby down the street in the next week or two so I know I can go over there and snap a few as well as having my own new baby to keep that shutter finger in shape until weddings start again in March).

I got to meet this handsome family last year, and I just adore how much they adore each other! I was so excited to photograph them again, and just look how happy these two kiddos were when their father arrived!

 I don't do a lot of work in sepia, but I am just loving this!
 These last three all have such sweet expressions.