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Happy Birthday, Babyson!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009
One year ago this moment, I was in hard labor. We were listening to David Crowder Band's Remedy Album, and singing the phrase "things will never be the same, never be the same, never be the same..."  Oh, how true those lyrics were.  I was just a mere hour and half away from becoming a mother.

This year has been like most - both seeming to last a lifetime by encompassing so much and rushing by like a bone-chilling wind.  It begs me to ask the questions, "Has it already been a year?" and "All that happened this year? It feels like so long ago."  When I contemplate how much a baby changes in one year, the developments, and the growth, my mind gets dizzy.  Literally, right now, I am dizzy.

Eli just woke up from his nap. He's kind of sick today. On his birthday.  I'll be right back.

From the day he was born, he's fought to keep his head up.  At first we were amazed.  If only now, he'd learn to put it down.  Still not a great sleeper, but lovely when he does.

At 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and today at 12 months, I recorded him in his crib to track his growth visually.  Here is a side-by-side view of each session.  Each one more and more difficult as he grew into a flurry of activity.  Today's was a feat, accomplished only with the aid of graham crackers as bait.
As I was editing this morning, I recalled this other image from 6 months.  He posed himself just about the same.

Waving goodbye to all his adoring fans... The prince of Haarlem will celebrate his first birthday on a flight to Texas to visit his Nana & PopPop!

Due to our travel plans, the little fella doesn't have his 12 month stats to report.  But we'll give you the info after the new year when we find out!  He's a big, big fella.  24 month clothes on a 12 month baby.

Community Christmas Celebration

Saturday, December 19, 2009
Today was a very special day.  With the help of one of my dearest friends (who often appears on my blog, see if you can find her- without links- where's waldo style, perhaps? the red and white is fitting for the season.  WOW I had a super-digression- back to the task at hand), I helped coordinate a party for some families in the neighborhood where our church is.  We've been working on it for about 6 weeks and today was the big day.  It was the "Community Christmas Celebration"- and aptly named, as it was a community effort!  It was a collaboration between University City Schools, City Lights Church, and Central Christian School.

It was a party that combined the families we 'adopted' for the day and the families in small groups at our church.  Often when people sponsor families over the holidays or serve lunch at a food kitchen, etc. they never get to meet the people.  It all stays kind of anonymous- which sometimes has it's place. But I have to say- this was AWESOME!  Everyone got to hang out together, share food, our church and Central Christian school got to give out presents, and I got to take a family picture for the families by the Christmas tree.  Our kid's decorated cookies side by side, and we look forward to having many of them return to worship with us- side by side again!


Here are the people I'd like to thank the most for helping in the preparations today.  

You know when people talk about the joy of giving?  Doesn't this just show it?

At home with me. Not about photography.

Friday, December 18, 2009

This is a personal blog post.  It's not going to display my amazing photography skills. ;) But rather, tidbits about my son that I want to share. Just for fun.  Everyone loves baby pictures.

Isn't this reflection just a bit creepy?

I discovered him in his room yesterday trying to help me fold his diapers.

I am the only one in the room, and obviously, not to his right. What a goofball...  But in his highchair, he's captive and I can take his pictures.

Has anyone else ever noticed that the pictures that camera manuals/photo-instruction-book-things always have terrible pictures like this as their samples?  Never gives me much hope that it'll give me an excellent outcome...

 We have given him the nickname BT lately because he just barrels through.  Who would think to themselves, "Hmmm.... Self, let's just squeeeeze in this little furniture-crevice and then crawl under my tiny baby seat to get out in the wide open floor where I will choose not to play with any toys."

That's all.

Blogging about Breakfast: My Oatmeal

Friday, December 11, 2009

My microwave must have wanted to have it's picture taken when it asked me to clean it yesterday.  Even microwaves love to have their picture taken. Who knew?  At least what was left in the bowl tasted good and what was everywhere else came up in one big glob.

A photographer has to take pictures. They must. And when it's this cold outside, no client will be calling to go prance about in the park.  This will suffice for a while.  But I am looking forward to all the engagement sessions I've got coming up in January.  It'll be a chilly but beautiful.  Maybe we'll get snow!

Changing the World, Part 2

Tuesday, December 8, 2009
"Part 2?", you wonder.  Perhaps you should start by going back to Part 1.

I went out again to shoot for Continuum of Care website and prayed that I would again get a bus... God is so good.  I did!  

This vertical one was chosen for the website.

All Squared Away

Monday, December 7, 2009
I was sent on a mission this past week to capture images of St. Louis that spurred their viewers to pray for our city, while showing vibrant color, hope, and creativity.  I was also asked to steer clear of iconic St. Louis locations.  It was a delightful challenge to get out and shoot like I used to.

Exploring with my husband and randomly shouting "STOP!" while hopping out of the car brought back so many memories.  But this time we got to do it with a babbling baby in the back.

This experience also got me to do some super location scouting, so if you are up for some new and exciting locations for your senior portraits, engagement session, or family sessions, let me know and we'll get something booked!

Updated Website

Monday, November 23, 2009
We've updated our website with new pictures in the galleries, minor tweaks, and some new features. Start popping those lemonheads and check it out!


(and actually, I think the cute husband- man behind me is still working on some more changes, so they'll just keep coming).


Saturday, November 21, 2009
Some dear friends had a little girl. They call her (at least in bloggy-world) L'Bug. She is a delightful little baby with the most captivating eyes. We had been planning this shoot for what seems like ages and had to wait until she had her three month ear-piercing.

The Mama & the Papa are amazing and it's an honor to have them as friends. I knew this would be a fabulous shoot as they not only have personalities with a "zing" but they have amazing style and are artsy to the max (meaning I got to have fun and know that it wouldn't be too weird). The amazing part is that although I did do a few extreme things with light and color, there were tons from this shoot that I kept straight out of the camera. No post-processing required here! I tried to narrow it down for this post, but as you'll see, I had a hard time!

You can check out the mama's work at Eclectically Home Grown. She's incredible. Buy some Christmas presents, pronto. I did. Or maybe new years... it's getting close to Christmas.

...asleep upon my arrival.

...but, woke up cheery!

I love this.

Back in high school, I almost always took indoor chairs outdoors for pictures. I liked the ordinary qualities of a park and a rocking chair, but the contrast that they bring to each other is striking. This concept is part of where the name Purple Lemon Photography comes from. It fit with the ideas that the Mama had for L'Bug's photoshoot.

Greatful for the giddiness

Friday, November 20, 2009
Michaela & Will are in love. There is no doubt about it. This delightful couple (who I met from my work with the Partners for Just Trade) was so easy to photograph because they needed no direction to look lovingly into each other eyes- they just did it. Same for laughing, smiling, playing, and showing the light-heartedness they had wanted for their engagement pictures.

I read once about a philosophy for engagement sessions that is like a date for three. I loved it! It helps me express to couples that we are going to be engaging with the environment, and that we aren't just looking for a cool tree or wall to photograph by, but we are going to find locations that have meaning for them and that they should behave like they would on a date- smiling, laughing, interacting with each other more than me.

We started at their apartment.

(below: two of my favorite favorites)

To quote Michaela, they are "avid readers" and are students, so off to Subterranean Books for some flirty, funky pictures. Thanks to the staff there for their help and willingness to let us take over for a little while! This stop was full of hilarity as we all tried to find book with good titles to use as our "props" but kept finding all the worst possible titles for our needs. Also, 3-D glasses. Need I say more?

(below: my husband's favorite).

They even look into each others' eyes with their 3-D glasses on. :)
The bookstore is near their house, on the Loop in U-City where they hang out a lot. So we traipsed about the Loop, stopping to take pictures at little nooks and funky walls. Below is an entrance to one of their favorite restaurants on the Loop. Love the shadows!
Happy find!
Small history lesson. The Loop is named for the trolley cars that used to come out to the area and it made it's loop back towards the city in this area. I love this picture with the trolley car!