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sweetness of summer, part three

Tuesday, July 5, 2011
august is the sweetest month of all!
It's my fifth anniversary on August 5th! I LOVE marriage. This week has been a week of celebrating the marriages of the couples in our small group from church and this weekend is my brother's anniversary. It makes sense that I am passionate about healthy marriages and I love my job. Being a wedding photographer not only has it's obvious perks (cakes, limos, dancing), but I also get the honor to spend time with couples during a really special season of their lives, as they prepare to be married. I hope that I am able to share what glimpses of wisdom I have gained in my five years with new couples and can encourage them to walk humbly together, serving each other generously, and learning to bless each other's socks off for the rest of their lives.

August is Trash the Dress month. It's a time to say, "Honey, I love you. I need this dress only once. Let's make art!"

I am looking to celebrate my five year anniversary (aside from my awesome trip that I am taking with my awesome hubby) with some trash the dress sessions. Maybe some more extreme trashing, and perhaps some more "tame," yet artistic bridal portraits. I am trying to gauge interest in a TTD party- a bunch of ladies all gussied up together and taking a day trip to Alton, IL to photograph and have fun. And get a few individual sessions booked, too.

These sessions make great anniversary gifts, valentine's gifts (planned way in advance), and something just for fun!

Sessions are $150 and include $50 in photo credit. Depending on the response for the TTD party, the price might be adjusted (either up or down...your bet is as good as mine at this point).