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Rachel & Brett Trash the Dress

Saturday, May 30, 2009
A couple I photographed in February got decked out for another shoot with warmer weather- it snowed on their wedding day! Basking in the lovely sunset light, we stopped at a few locations near where we all live. Our original plan was scrapped, as we found no playground. What park doesn't have a playground? But waterfalls are much more romantic anyhow. :)

I love this picture of Brett, completely shocked by the frigid water!

Chelsie & Caleb

Tuesday, May 19, 2009
Chelsie & Caleb's wedding may well be my new favorite wedding. Take away the fact that my baby and I were both super-sick, and this was a wonderful weekend. We were in northern Indiana surrounded by family (Chelsie is my cousin) and the loveliness that comes from leaving the city for a while. I enjoyed being in a gorgeous home with no internet during the spring-time. Glorious-ness was all around!

I am so pleased with the images from this wedding and felt technically more confident than ever before. Despite a weather report for rain and hail, the day was perfect. The sun came out for pictures and the wind dried out the boat- yes, a boat! Chelsie and Caleb and their wedding party (all 31 of them!), along with their guests celebrated the reception aboard the Madam Carroll. I was astounded by the photogenic nature of all their wedding party and family- only a small handful of closed eyes, and considering the sheer number of them, it was a small feat.

Congratulations to Chelsie & Caleb! And a big thanks to Chuck and Sandi for the use of their home!

Oros Family

Monday, May 11, 2009
The Oros Family is one of my very favorite families, and they happen to be Purple Lemon Photography's most loyal supporters! One designed our logo. One is my second shooter and assistant website designer. One seems to find herself in my photographs all the time and is frequently mentioned in my blogs for her amazing cakes (www.tinpanalleycakes.com). One got me hooked up as the Centenary CARES staff photographer. One is one of my very best friends. Two have for sure two more photo shoots with me in the near future. It's crazy. Grandma seems to think something's crazy...

Happy Mother's Day, Lu!

Darin & Cathy

Never before during editing pictures have I seen such authenticity in the expressions of my client's faces as I did this morning! I know Darin and Cathy personally and countless times I thought about how as a photographer we strive to capture authentic moments and the real personality of the person we are photographing. I did it! I can hear Cathy's giggle. I can see the same face staring back at me that I see when I look up from the desk at the church to answer a question for Darin. I see the same smiles and deep love that I see evident in their marriage.

Does anyone else see the heart?

Cathy mentioned that their wedding portraits were mostly blurry, so this set is in honor of those taken long ago. I love these!

(and I don't think Cathy took a bad picture once. Even the couple I snapped with her eyes closed looked pretty good... it all goes to being Miss Rend Lake!)

My best friend's wedding

Monday, May 4, 2009
My best friend from middle and high school got married this weekend. I simply couldn't get the waterworks stopped- I cried even during the family pictures. Sheesh. At least I managed to smile through my job as greeter. I kept my cool and only snapped a few, but thought I might go ahead and share. It's an odd collection, I must admit.

Please visit their photographer's website. www.atography.com Alea did a great job. In the KC area? Look her up!

Have you ever seen a cake like this? They win props for creativity (and delectab-ility).
I had a mild fascination with her lovely dress...

I know this isn't your typical bridal portrait, but I loved the expression on her face. I thought she was stunning.

Congratulations to these two, also dear dear friends, who are coming up on their second anniversary...
Flower girl
And most important and esteemed guest at the wedding...Olf. After all these years he needed his neck held up, but he made it.
Congratulations to Danica and Clint. We love you so much!