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Wedding: Jessi & Jamie

Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Oh man!! I am just giddy with excitement to share these wedding images from Jessi & Jamie's wedding day.  Narrowing down the images for this post was a near impossible task, taking me far too many days, and I still have a ton to share. A bit of story-telling along the way, we'll start right in...

On the way to meet his bride.
First look!
This entire wedding took place in about the span of 2 city blocks- from getting ready, to photo locations, and venues- all in the Soulard neighborhood.  When we discussed their wedding, they mentioned that they were having food from the distinctive and varied St. Louis neighborhoods, and wanted their wedding photos to show the "flavor of Soulard."  Soulard, being known for it's farmers market, lent itself to having it's "flavor" literally photographed.  So off to the market we went, for something out of the (tomato) box, a bit gritty, and a little unusual for a wedding day.  I loved it.

I love the contrast of the groomsmen's tuxes with the farmer's jackets, just outside the market.
Still at the market, but a more upscale, European feel. 

This wedding and reception took place at a great venue- The 9th Street Abbey in Soulard, MO.  It is such a fabulous location, so we photographed out in their garden and inside with the fabulous stained glass windows before the ceremony.

When this photo came up on my screen, I said, "wowzers!"


 What a stunning reception location!

This is when I was first, amazed at how well Jessi dances with her dad in her wheel chair, and then, secondly, when I cried as Jamie stood to dance with his mom. 
Here you have Sarah and Luke. Sarah kissed Luke.  Luke has her lipstick on his face. Awesome!