Purple Lemon Photography


Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Today I was back doing some more photo work for Centenary CARES. I had a great time doing staff headshots, building promotional shots, and some pictures of the auditions they held for a new choir they are starting. I was being led around seeing parts of the building that I'd never seen before (like bunks for missions groups, showers, the sanctuary which is GORGEOUS) and lo and behold... they have a basketball court hidden away upstairs in their building. Who would have thought that was there?

It's the perfect kind of court, too... that which you'd think was in a movie or something. It's got exposed brick, old worn wooden floors, huge banks of windows, wooden backboards, loads of balls strewn across the floor and filling the corners. Oh how it made me long to shoot some hoops again.

What's in a Name?

Thursday, April 23, 2009
I've been asked quite frequently about the origins of the name "Purple Lemon Photography." So to satisfy the curious public until my main website is up and running (which is almost done, me thinks), here is a sneak preview of some content...

Choosing the name for my first child was as easy as sipping a cool glass of lemonade. Choosing a name for this business was about as hard as squeezing the lemons to make the lemonade I so desperately needed once I finally chose it. As I look back on the process it took to find that perfect purple lemon, I see that although I tried to have a method to my madness, the madness came first with the method rolling down the hill after it.

I was on the phone with my entire family trying some ideas out on them, when in pops my husband from the other room, “Purple Lemon Photography!” Then he went back to watching a movie starring Jack Lemon with some friends. When he was still talking about it later, he quickly convinced me it was “the one.” The longer we’ve sat with this name mulling in our brains the more and more we are convinced this is perfection in a purple lemon.

I am eager to share just a hand full of the reasons we love Purple Lemon Photography!

  • Lydia was a successful business woman in the Bible (Acts 16). She sold purple cloth and used the success of her business to support the functioning of the church and its international mission. I want to be like her.
  • Jack Lemon is a funny guy.
  • No one flat out told me they did not like it. Every other option received handfuls of rejects. Maybe they were just …lemons.
  • In elementary school a friend and I gave each other secret nicknames that used the letters in our names. Mine was Lemon! (Tip: take the initials of my maiden name, put them backwards, insert vowels, and voila!)
  • I love lemons. Lemonheads, lemon drops, lemonade pie, lemon bars, lemon sorbet, lemons on the side of my glass (those are supposed to be appetizers right?)
  • The day it came into being, I was wearing purple pants, purple undies, and was drinking from my favorite squiggly purple cup.
  • One of my favorite photo assignments from college was my final project that I did on fruit. In my series is a picture of a lemon on a purple napkin.
  • When I lived in The Netherlands, I brought out the hibernating sketchpad and rekindled my love for drawing in the relaxed pace of life I experienced there. Out of that time of unpressured creativity, I produced a little sketch of a lemon on a purple background. I have since found it.
  • I got a lemon out of the gumball machine at dinner not too long ago.
  • Lemons are a symbol of fidelity in love.
  • One of my favorite parts of photography is the visual appeal of contrast. I would say it is signature in my work. No image goes to print without the right amount of contrast to pump it up or give it the right feeling. Yellow and purple are contrasting colors. Who knows, maybe purple and yellow will be the new black and white!
  • It is fun and funky.
  • I have created a list of things I want my photography to be on a professional level. Conceptually, a purple lemon is almost everything on that list. For example: modern, unique, individual, relational, urban, beautiful

Centenary CARES Outreach at Triumph Grille

Monday, April 20, 2009
Tonight, I photographed the fundraising event for Centenary CARES at the Triumph Grille. I had the honor of meeting some local celebrities- St. Louis Cardinals players Ryan Franklin & Joe Thurston as well as Mayor Slay and other elected officials. Here are few to give you a taste of this event.

You can also view the entire event's photos in the gallery.

For ordering information, please email nikki@purplelemonphotography.com


Friday, April 17, 2009
I've been scouting a lot lately and while out on a scouting adventure, I took this. I liked it, so I'm sharing.

First Road Trip

Thursday, April 16, 2009
What mom can resist taking pictures on her first kiddo's first trip? I couldn't... So we took a picture at each place we went...

with great grandma
learning about third grade in grandma's classroom on pajama day

hanging out at grandma's house
at nana's school on her last day of work!
hanging out at nana's house for the ONLY time he ever will
saying goodbye to nana's house the weekend before she and grandpa moved.on his first date with the littlest miss Peres. old couple telling stories?

at a bridal luncheon. no need for the funky editing, but i loved the way it made the flowers look on the table... definitely the highlight. :)
Next week anyone who follows my blog will get to see a new topic. The little guy has been stealing the show for a while now.

Bedrest Babies

Wednesday, April 15, 2009
This afternoon the little guy and I took a trip. We went to show him off to all the nurses who were so helpful while I was in pre-term labor (for a month!) and then who helped me give birth to his squirmy self. Thanks St. John's nursing staff! It was also a good way to deliver some business cards to all the women who gushed over some of the pictures I had online while I created my business on a laptop in the hospital.

While speaking with one of the nurses who deals specifically with women like me- high risk pregnancies who end up on the antepartum floor- a wing full of pregant women trying to keep their babies IN, I realized something I already knew... I sat in that room every day sad that I wouldn't be able to get some good maternity shots. My brain was ticking during the lonely moments and I came up with ways to take my own maternity shots in the hospital room. Thankfully I went home the day before I delivered and got to take some at home, but those thoughts are still there. Also, many high risk pregancies end with the baby in the NICU. The pictures of my son in the NICU are so precious to me. They rank among my very favorites.

So, that being said, I'm creating a special deal for "Bedrest Babies." If a mom needs me to come to her room to take her maternity shots, I will. If they want pictures in the NICU, I'll do that, too. And if they want pictures later, that's great. But here's the deal. For at least the duration of 2009, I will take NICU pictures for free with the purchase of any of my maternity or baby packages (including the combination package that includes both sets in one album).

Mother's Day MiniMarathon

Tuesday, April 14, 2009
Mother's Day is right around the corner. What mom doesn't want a family picture?

Saturday, May 9th, I will be having a marathon photo shoot featuring my mini-family package. I'll be at a local park (TBA), and will do sessions of about an hour.

It is an $80 package. Price includes: session fee, individually edited images, a viewing session, online proofing, and $50 photo credit. This session is shorter and includes less images than other family sessions, but has the same quality of more expensive packages. What a great way to spoil mom the day before her big day!

I have a handful of slots left, so contact me right away to get your family booked.

In honor of this mother's day mini marathon, here's a few pictures of my family (pre-baby) which I am posting on the day my mom finally gets to move to Texas!

One day, he'll wish I never did this...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009
To continue the kick of personal blogging:

Apparently, he was tired of being in his Monkey Suit...

He's gotta cute booty!

And this one isn't so bad, just having fun with grandma.


My mom was in town this weekend so I took her to the Missouri Botanical Gardens for the first time. I didn't shoot a whole lot, but there were a few that I liked and thought I'd share.

My mom found this lovely daisy-ish flower just sittin' with one other one. Just two friendly flowers amongst all the tulips.

Experience Purple Lemon Photography

Tuesday, April 7, 2009
For the last several months as we've been developing our content for the website, I've been tossing around the phrase "the purple lemon experience." My current challenge is to put it into words. Here I go... Brace yourselves. When I don't have many pictures to show, I'm wordy.

When I got married, Ben's homily said that I often use analogies. It's so true. So I guess it makes sense that when I try to explain things that I make strange comparisons. These hopefully won't be too strange, but merely helpful for me to translate the mush of my new-mom brain into normal-ish human-speak.

(My neighbor helped put this part to words- thanks, Nate.) The purple lemon experience isn't like going to the traditional studios where the photographer pulls down random background, like airbrushed autumn leaves or a picture of snow. Then they put a white column in front of the leaves and then your child forces a cheesy smile upon the film.

The purple lemon experience isn't dragging your 3 kids who have snot on their faces down to the mall in matching sweaters that are itchy so they look pretty good together for the Christmas card. That results in tears and bribes and drippy ice cream.

The purple lemon experience also isn't hiring a college student to take your wedding pictures so it's cheaper. I was that college student once. It got me hooked, but I think that first couple is lacking quite a bit in their wedding collection. Don't hire her. Hire me.

you might get a first try at a shillouette, which ends up crooked.

Or your reception photos might look like this. I've come a long way. This makes me shudder.

So now that I've worked to establish what it isn't, let's focus on what it is.

The purple lemon experience is:
  • a full process. I will take the time to get to know you, your family, your wishes, your needs, your style, and your personality. I will scout locations to find exactly the right spot, the right lighting, the right chair, or the right colors to showcase exactly what needs showcasing. Whether the shoot is in your home, down the street, or an adventure across town or the countryside, I'll find it. I will make you realize you are photogenic even if you thought you never were. I'll make sure to catch you with your eyes open if you can never seem to get them open. You'll smile naturally if you are a cheesy smiler, and you'll relax if you seem to stiffen in front of the camera. Then I'll edit each picture so it is able to stand alone as a work of art. We'll look over your pictures together- it's fun for you and helps me learn. You'll order your favorites (if you can choose... I hear it's a problem) and receive your product, hand delivered when at all possible.
  • creative. I've been told I was creative since I was a little girl. I hope that term never leaves my side. Striving to create something unique is something I long for. Whether and event or portraits or products, I'll make sure what I need to get is shot technically correct, then I step outside those bounds to try something new.
  • personal. Relationships and service are huge to me. I'll meet you at home, at a coffee shop, your office, the park, or wherever for consultations, viewing sessions, and delivery. I want to get to know you and your environment so I can create pictures that'll look great on your walls, suit your desk, or be great to give as gifts to family.
  • planned. Though creative and flexible, I am dedicated to planning in advance. I help you plan the schedule of your wedding day to minimize stress. I help plan what you wear so you like the pictures for years to come. I will plan where we are going to ensure good colors and lighting. I will plan the time so your baby is happy and alert.
  • worth the investment. Knowing what the experience is like, and knowing what it isn't should show you that this is a personalized, unique photography experience. Someone said recently that it's like a picture party. I've shot portraits on the coldest and hottest days of the year, on sunny days, rainy days, and sick days. In all that, people have always enjoyed themselves. You aren't just buying a couple of 8 x 10s or a canvas for your wall. You are investing in memories, art, capturing the moment you became wed, your child was born, your pregnancy was nearing its end, or the last year of high school.

His middle name is a city

Thursday, April 2, 2009
People assume that since I'm a photographer I take pictures of my son nonstop. I don't. I do like to take pictures of him, but I like to give him his space. Since we live far away from all of our family and a lot of our friends and frequently get requests, I decided to snap-to and take some pictures.

So here are my favorites from the last few weeks. He's 3 months now!

isn't this face hilarious?

Brian is so cooperative! There was some fun light in our kitchen and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. Brian's undershirt and the messy kitchen just added to the vision I had for this picture. And I just said, "hey, stand there." click. "thanks."

He's not so sure about toys yet...

...much better.

I was re-situating Eli's room a few weeks ago when my back went out again. So I was stuck on the floor. Brian had to run outside for a minute and when he came back, he found Eli in a box on the floor. Silly me.