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Wedding: Sarah & Brian

Wednesday, March 27, 2013
My first memory of Sarah was that she told me she always noticed my earrings during my freshman year of college.  Fast forward about a year when she was at my birthday party when someone else gave me handmade earrings (which I still wear).  Strangest part- I was, at the time, still coming out of high school-athlete-tomboy-phase, and did not consider myself to be girly, let alone an "earring" person. Probably why it stuck with me.

But now my amazing job is full of oohs- and aahs over pretty dresses, earrings, and dapper-looking gentlemen on often one of the most sophisticated days of their lives.  Speaking of Sarah and sophisticated days, it is due to this young woman that my husband and I got to attend a real ball several years ago.  What a classy event and fun memory...but enough about my personal nostalgia.

Sarah and I reconnected last year and she mentioned that she was thinking Brian was about to propose. Sure enough, what seemed like mere weeks later, I got an email about photographing their wedding!  I have been so excited to share some beautiful photos from their wedding.  I'll tell a bit of their wedding story as I go...

First, let's meet our couple. Sarah (notice her lovely earrings...) and Brian.
I just love how Sarah's mom's dress sparkles on her gown.

Sarah's dad had some great cufflinks! One said "Father of the Bride" and the other said "I loved her first," which was the song they danced to at the reception.  I love special details like that!

Just moments before the ceremony began, the best man popped his head out of the front door. I love when I get to capture real moments like these. 
Never before have I seen so many people adore a wedding ring, but let me tell you- it sure is a beauty! 
 Their reception was held at Chandler Hill Winery in Defiance, MO.

As much as I love the photos of the couple, part of what I genuinely love is telling a story and capturing moments with great meaning.  For me, this image tells a compelling story of a deep friendship that will support this marriage.  This bridesmaid flew in from Dubai for the weekend to be a part of their wedding, and from what I understand, had to leave earlier than planned due to some security issues.  She snuck away for a quick nap during the reception and I happened to pass by on my way to photograph from a second story room.
 Congratulations Sarah and Brian!

Nicolle & Matt: Winter Engagement

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

After taking a nice break for my maternity leave, and taking average, blurry, sleep deprived momma-photos of this little smile

the time has arrived to return to stunning portraiture.

Nicolle and Matt, perfectly suited to traipsing about on a blustery day on the first weekend in March, met me for an afternoon of breathtaking photography.  I cannot tell you how many times my breath was literally taken away as I edited their photographs, reminding why I love to do what I do.

Beyond their sweet kiss, I love the details in the cafe and reflections on this image!

 An active couple like this needs something to reflect their lifestyle.  On the move...
They thought I was taking pictures of their shoes, but then I glanced up and...perfection. Such tenderness.

Just a few weeks left before this sweet couple ties the knot- you'll be seeing them here again soon!