Purple Lemon Photography

Foggy Sunrise Enagagement

Tuesday, November 11, 2014
A few Fridays ago, I was preparing for a day full of mini sessions the following day to help us with our adoption fees. And as I was driving down the road, I happened to tune in my ears to the radio when they mentioned fog the following morning. Didn't seem especially likely, but all of a sudden, it hit me. The location I was going to photograph later in the day would be a perfect location for a series of foggy sunrise photographs.

But then I thought, who would I shoot? It was the next morning.

Then like a bolt of lightning, I was full of excitement. My dear friends had been engaged for only a week.  I called up Beth and asked if they'd want to do it. So at close to 10 pm, we had it set. They were to meet me before sunrise at the lake.

I drove there under cloudless night sky, wondering if you can have fog without clouds. I'm never up early enough to know. My heart was racing- would it work? I turned off the highway to see a fog hovering beautifully, mysteriously over the river next to the lake.

My heart sung as I photographed in the quietness of the early morning hours.

De'Angelo and Beth were a perfect fit for this adventure.  Their comfort with each other and their enjoyment in each other's company led to a fantastic series with a great mix of sweet contemplation and laughter.

I love you guys so much and I'm looking forward to seeing how God uses your marriage!