Purple Lemon Photography

Jessie puts a little icing on the cake

Friday, February 27, 2009
Jessie, owner of Tin Pan Alley custom cakes, went all out for her trash the dress session this week. This shoot was a perfect reflection of Jessie's bright and lively personality. She wanted nothing short of funky and exciting- and we did it. Prepared for a winter downpour with fingerpaints and mudpuddles, she jumped right in. Unfortunately the rain she was hoping for stayed in the sky, but this is such a unique set of images that she will enjoy them for years to come! These are very active pictures, including her son Luke painting her dress.

Disclaimer for future brides and mothers: Trash the dress is a concept that allows the bride to feel freedom in such a beautiful dress and create something beautiful to reflect her personality. Jessie wanted to toss her dress in the dumpster when she was done, so we held nothing back. Not all trash the dress sessions require this type of extreme trashing.

Rachel & Brett

Wednesday, February 25, 2009
This past weekend, I had the honor of photographing Rachel and Brett's wedding. This was such an important day for me on so many levels!

It was the first wedding under the name Purple Lemon Photography. The "purple" represents Lydia in the book of Acts in the Bible. She sold purple cloth, and with the profits helped support international missionaries, such as Paul. International missions is at the heart of who I am and what this company is designed to support. Brett and Rachel have this heart as well, and have served as missionaries to Russia. They asked their guests to contribute to the mission, rather than give spatulas and salt shakers. For this reason, I found it fitting that I got to shoot them for my "opening day."

This day was full of vibrant and sometimes raw emotion, and I strove to capture as much of that as I could. Their love is quite radiant (as are their smiles!) and pure. It was fun to see their passion for one another. Brett was getting over the flu. Snow kept some people, like the ring bearer, from even making from their home state. And rather unfortunate medical circumstances kept her parents from ever arriving at the wedding at all. We were all anxious as we waited, hoping they'd be able to make it. Regardless of circumstances that kept changing through the day, you could see their pure enjoyment of the day... I loved it.

Chase decided to take pictures of me working... I thought I'd stick one in. :)

We took a variety of pictures ranging from formal to downright different. They are such a spunky couple that I've gotten to know over the last several years, I knew right away that a particular parking garage I've been scoping out would be just the place. Thankfully, they agreed and we traipsed about a bus station/metro station/garage area near the church. It was bitter cold, but well worth it!

Introducing: Chase

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
I wanted to take a little time to introduce my second shooter for this season, Chase. He's a talented young photographer with a very special eye for detail, unique perspectives, and good composition. Chase is a self-taught, ambitious young man who is full of ideas and curiosity that I think are required in a good photographer. I am excited to see what he sees through the lens this weekend for his first wedding! Chase, welcome aboard, fine lad.

2009 Prices

Tuesday, February 17, 2009
Prices have been set for the 2009 season, and while we're waiting for the new site, I thought I'd get the word out there...

These are the basic prices ranges- you can always buy more. :) Almost every package is created "a la carte" with your choice of picture combinations. Instead of making you pick a set type and size of picture in advance, each package comes with "photo credit" where you choose exactly what you want and in what sizes. You want 30 wallets to use as business cards for your lemonade stand? Great! You want greeting cards to turn in for your report on local business for your senior project? Fabulous. You need a wall portrait the size of Montana to hang over your washing machine as inspiration for keeping your clothes nice? We can do it!

Wedding Packages start at $1200 and go up to $2800

Family & Engagement Packages start at $80 and go up to $315

Maternity & Baby Packages start at $170 and go up to $550
Combination package with both maternity & baby photos in one book- $700, which is a $400 savings!

Seniors are $200 per session

Headshots are $105

Other events, parties, fundraisers, receptions, lion-taming sessions, and super-hero training sessions are priced on a custom basis, making sure your needs are met and you aren't charged for options you don't need.