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Heather + Ben

Monday, February 13, 2017
Last fall as the coverage for a wedding I was photographing ended, I scooted over to a surprise engagement party for one of my dearest friends. Her fella had planned a proposal and party here in St. Louis for her with some of her dear friends and his family who came in from Kansas City.

A few weeks later, I ventured out to photograph the bench where he proposed for the custom wedding invitation that I was able to design for them.  It was a great collaboration as they were able to describe what they wanted and to be able to create that for them. 
Some of the joyful benefits of photographing a friend's wedding is knowing all the things that went into making that special day special, the joys and hardships, the hard work, the fast turn around from engagement to wedding, and so many of the stories.  

It is my pleasure to share a handful of photographs from Heather and Ben's wedding day, a bright, colorful wedding day with humor and class woven throughout.  

This picture came almost by accident as we hopped in the car to go take a few portraits and I glanced up and saw this.  Heather and I were so excited as we remembered this photo of her grandparents that I'd happened to grab a snapshot of on my phone the night before. See top row, center. (You can see a better copy here from when I wrote about it a year ago!)
Panda and S'mores Socks. 

I love the look on my son's face as he watched my husband blow the fire out of his marshmallow for his s'more. 

Congratulations many times over, friends!

P.S. Since my kids got to get dressed up and join the fun, I took their photos, too. After they'd been covered in chocolate and had no ability to focus on a picture. Regardless, I think they are cute and enjoy their shenanigans. 

The Development of a Superhero

Saturday, December 10, 2016
When I was in college, I had a class project of some kind, in which I created a series of story-telling photographs to show a young girl on the quest to become a superhero.  She is clever and resourceful, and works hard to accomplish her task. 

Probably about 12 years ago I asked her mom if she could be my model, and probably as soon as I got her, "Yes!", I swung by and picked her up in my giant green, rusted, '92 Ford Explorer.  She must have been so brave, as any good superhero is. We barely knew each other, and I knew nothing about kids or carseats. She probably didn't even know my name. 

Today that little girl turns sixteen years old and we still love their family dearly.  I am consistently amazed at the poised, kind, and well-mannered young woman she is becoming. She is still brave, strong, and as the big sister to four siblings, she is surely a hero to each of them. 

Happy Sixteenth Birthday, S!

These were photographed on film; I developed and printed these 8x10s in the darkroom. 

Ashley + Bradley

Wednesday, November 23, 2016
Ashley and Bradley had a cheerful wedding day full of laughter and excitement in early October. Their outdoor wedding ceremony was at Laumeier Sculpture Park, and their concert themed reception was at The Old Rock House after a quick pit stop at 4 Hands Brewing Co.

Their friends and family were all very excited to celebrate and it was wonderful to see how all of their faces just lit up after the ceremony!

 This sculpture has always been one of my favorites at the sculpture park, and I just love how it worked for this wedding!
 We managed to get everybody in there!
 One of my favorites from the whole day of Bradley.
I love the way couples find creative ways to incorporate their theme.  Their cupcakes are displayed on records! I thought that was so clever!  And Casey and I enjoyed shooting and editing their reception with a little more "grit" to enhance the concert feel of their location at the Old Rock House.