Purple Lemon Photography

Baby A

Monday, March 27, 2017
It was my privilege to photograph Baby A, and see the way her mother and father were tenderly looking at their new daughter.  They were learning the ropes of parenthood with their first child and it was such love driving them to do it as well as they can.  One special moment was so powerful for me to see Baby A's mom as a mother for the first time.  Having known her for many years it was striking to see the transformation from daughter to mother. And there are a few frames in which I can see the look her mother gives to her as she looks lovingly at her own daughter.

Sami + Collin Wedding

Saturday, March 25, 2017
I tell wedding couples that, among other benefits, the engagement session helps them know what to expect from me and to get excited for their wedding day.  In this case, Sami and Collin's engagement session last fall did the same for me. It let me know that I could expect something stunning, lovely, and expressive on their wedding day. I was certainly excited.

Beyond being excited for a certainly loving couple from my church to begin their marriage, I was professionally eager to have the opportunity to create beautiful artistic photographs that documented and celebrated their wedding day.

Their wedding had a simple, modern, industrial feel, highlighting shades of blue and rose. It was a joyful day with weather that was a delight as the tail end of winter toyed with the early days of spring. We commented at how their photographs from last fall were also at the cusp of a new season, and as a seasonally-focused photographer I love how their wedding marks the start of a new season for their lives together.

Reception venue: Sqwires Annex in Lafayette Square, St. Louis, MO.

Personal Project: Road Trip

Wednesday, March 1, 2017
The last few years, I have had the intention of completing a number of personal photography projects, especially while I have been working less and mothering more.  But most of them sat unfinished, or even stuck in my brain, un-photographed.  As we begin the push to get me behind the camera more again this year as Silas starts preschool, and all three boys will have some time away from me, I am really wanting to work through a number of personal projects I have mulling around in my brain.  Not only is it so good for my soul to express the creativity that God has instilled deep in me, but it also makes me a better photographer for my wedding photography and other portrait clients.

They might not all fit my normal brand or style. They might not be polished, but they they at least have purpose.  For the style of portraiture and wedding coverage I provide, I prefer to travel light, and simply.  I purposefully don't use huge cameras or lenses or lighting setups so people are comfortable with me and are less intimidated.

I also provide myself with many mini-assignments in my day to day life.  Can I make this seemingly poorly lit, ugly location into a worthwhile setting for a photograph? Can I light this photo for a text to my mom in a better way? Can I take this normal thing and make it seem amazing? What story can I tell?

This series came at a time like that. I was on my way to Texas, a passenger in a dirty van, full of tiny tots and their snacks. I allowed myself only my phone and only the basic editing capabilities that I have on there.  What kind of art could I create using the light, texture, and patterns available to me?

 How does editing change the way we see a scene?
 Can I create a compelling self-portrait?

Heather + Ben

Monday, February 13, 2017
Last fall as the coverage for a wedding I was photographing ended, I scooted over to a surprise engagement party for one of my dearest friends. Her fella had planned a proposal and party here in St. Louis for her with some of her dear friends and his family who came in from Kansas City.

A few weeks later, I ventured out to photograph the bench where he proposed for the custom wedding invitation that I was able to design for them.  It was a great collaboration as they were able to describe what they wanted and to be able to create that for them. 
Some of the joyful benefits of photographing a friend's wedding is knowing all the things that went into making that special day special, the joys and hardships, the hard work, the fast turn around from engagement to wedding, and so many of the stories.  

It is my pleasure to share a handful of photographs from Heather and Ben's wedding day, a bright, colorful wedding day with humor and class woven throughout.  

This picture came almost by accident as we hopped in the car to go take a few portraits and I glanced up and saw this.  Heather and I were so excited as we remembered this photo of her grandparents that I'd happened to grab a snapshot of on my phone the night before. See top row, center. (You can see a better copy here from when I wrote about it a year ago!)
Panda and S'mores Socks. 

I love the look on my son's face as he watched my husband blow the fire out of his marshmallow for his s'more. 

Congratulations many times over, friends!

P.S. Since my kids got to get dressed up and join the fun, I took their photos, too. After they'd been covered in chocolate and had no ability to focus on a picture. Regardless, I think they are cute and enjoy their shenanigans.