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Adventuring x3

Monday, February 27, 2012
Stay tuned... Wedding Season is almost upon us, and we'll take a break from all the personal posts, but until then...

Last week was kind of a tumult around here. All four of us in our household had some kind of illness and mine stuck me in the hospital for a few days (Adventure #1). I'm fine now, no worries, but it did kind of throw a kink into life. 

God's faithfulness was good in all of it though. And as we start a week of renovating my office (finally!, and I hope this works...), Adventure #2,

I am even more thankful for a warm, sunny day in February that let me head out on a grand adventure (#3) with my little adventurer
and my big adventurer.
These are among my favorite moments in my life. Adventuring with my family- in sickness and health, in calmness or renovation, or (preferably) in the great outdoors.

Happy Valentine's Day

Tuesday, February 14, 2012
It would probably be awkward if I did a photo shoot of my valentine before he went to work today and then posted it on my blog.

However, my son's class all made shirts at school last week to wear to their party. So we did have a photo shoot before he went to school today for me to post on my blog. It is what happens when he wakes up too early and I stop whining about it.
 "Ok, mom... This was fun, like, a minute ago, but now, I'm so over it..."
 And the idea that didn't work, but will make the grandparents happy- check out this smile. :)
 Happy Valentine's Day, little heart breaker.

New Things

Thursday, February 9, 2012
Right now I am in the middle of designing lots of things- wedding albums, guest books, keepsake boxes, and the like.  A few samples...

To break it up a bit, I broke out the camera yesterday for a little late afternoon shooting.

My friend Heather got a new haircut that she wanted me to photograph before the salon-style disappears.
And I got a new pan that made a neat pattern when I swirled the oil around.  (This really seemed a lot cooler yesterday, I promise.)

Lauren & Nathan: Wedding

Tuesday, February 7, 2012
Lauren and Nathan have a special wedding story. As we met over coffee several times talking about their engagement session, their jobs, new house, and wedding plans, you could see they had direction and excitement surrounding all their plans.  Nathan was thrilled with plans for their grand, elegant reception, Lauren was excited by all the plans coming together, it was all planned well in advance.

But you know what they say about plans, right? "The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry." And though we all love a good tale of things going just according to that plan, sometimes it holds a lot more meaning when it doesn't. 

Here's Nathan.  He's a charming, successful young man, who dotes on his bride.
Here's Lauren. She's a driven, passionate young woman who dreamed of a lavish wedding in the middle of September.  She displayed great strength and dignity on her wedding day. Her wedding was one of the most beautiful I've ever seen.
Just days before wedding she was admitted to the hospital.  Seizures had come, seemingly out of no where, showing two masses in her brain. Plans came rushing to a screeching halt.  Not only were there questions about the wedding, but there were larger questions about Lauren and her health that were going largely unanswered.  Days went by- questions hung in the air- moments suspended- waiting for answers.
A few days before the wedding, I got word that there would indeed be a wedding.  But with big changes. A large event became small and intimate.  The grand plans became flexible- we'd play it by ear and see how Lauren would do.

I was so thankful to get to document this special day for them.  What would normally have taken me all day, took me about two or three hours.  Those three hours were full of incredible moments of displays of strength, great emotion, tight bonds of family, dear love of a new husband to his wife, and tenderness. I wouldn't have missed that for anything.
 I love her mom, just looking on at her daughter while she gets ready.
 I was so thankful, that though this could have been a day of sadness that things didn't go according to plan, or that Lauren's condition was so fragile, it was a day of celebration and joy.

Just a visual representation of the thousands of prayers that have been prayed for them in the last several months.
 The closest of friends.
 Surrounded by family.
 Real love.
Lauren has since undergone, what I understand to be, two of three brain surgeries.  All this in the last few months, all since her wedding day in September. She has had quite the recovery process, and will continue to that recovery and therapy to eradicate the cancer in her brain. I got word that this week she returned to work- what a wonderful step for her.

My congratulations go out to this couple, who in a few months time have undergone more as a couple than many go through in a lifetime.  I pray that God blesses them in their marriage as they continue to celebrate each day of their lives together.

Testimonial of an indirect nature

Monday, February 6, 2012
I have intentionally chosen not to put testimonials on my website, but I have to say, when I get a nice note from a couple in the mail, or the mother of the bride sends a note my way, or I get an email with about a bazillion exclamation marks, it encourages me tremendously.

When I was doing a little google-ing of ourselves this evening to see how hard it is to find us, I came across this blog post from last summer that really made me full of gratitude.  (Thanks, Emilie.)

People often ask me about the bridezillas, crazy wedding stories, and major wedding mishaps- and you know what- I don't have them. I am paired, most often, with brides and grooms that are wonderful, passionate, have vision for their lives, their marriages (and their wedding photos), and we just mesh.

I look forward to seeing what couples head our way to fill our our 2012 calendar.  Who else is out there that is recently engaged and is looking for a photographer? Some DIY brides? A couple with a funky wedding who will be daring with me at some unusual location? Vintage-inspired bride?  Someone who doesn't see themselves as necessarily creative, but will go out on a branch with me?

Lemon Love

Friday, February 3, 2012
On the phone today, my husband and I laughed, talked about holding hands when he gets home from work, and even talked about being in love.  We're kind of sick like that. Or maybe we just make other people sick... But we really LOVE LOVE.  We love marriages, love stories, and seeing people really doing well together- that's part of the reason I am in the wedding industry. I also really like cake.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner (as are a number of special anniversaries), so we've got some great ideas to help keep those fires burning- those date nights peppy- those anniversaries sweet- and never a marriage sour.

Valentine's Day Idea #1: small Photo
Pick out a picture of yourself for your sweetie from your wedding, enagement, or familiy session to go on their desk at work.  A blessing to look on something sweet between memos, meetings, and bites of leftovers for lunch.

Valentine's Day Idea #2: BIG Photo

Did you just get the CD? But you really loved that sweet, romantic photo I took of you?  Maybe you were nuzzling, or the clouds in the background made it look almost surreal, or you just had expressions of sheer wedding joy? Get it big as a surprise gift to hang in your home. Remember that love every day.

Valentine's Day Idea #3: Gift Certificate
Let your sweetheart choose their favorites- you just have to show them you were thinking of something they'd like. We can provide you with a Gift Certificate for any amount, applicable for products or new pacakges.  Maybe that family session she's been asking you for.  Or that one for the kids?

Valentine's Day Idea #4: Secret Photo Session
Schedule a trash the dress, bridal session, or just a little session to help your hubby go oooh-la-la! We might not have that done before the holiday, but we can get you something to let him know something is on it's way.  Or get ready for that anniversary and schedule it today!

Valentine's Day Idea #5: Go on a Date
If you didn't get an engagement session- or maybe you just come to us for photos of your kids- this is for you.  We take an approach to engagment sessions called the "date for three"- I am your third wheel, while you go somewhere you love or do something you love to do together, or something you've never done but always wanted to do.  We'd love to do a few "dating sessions"- with those who are dating all their lives, even after the wedding day.

Valentine's Day Idea #6: Add some special words
 We do plenty of custom design work around here, so give us something special to add to a favorite image I've taken.  Send me a handwritten love letter, or a favorite scripture, passage from a book, the envelope from the first letter he sent you, a favorite song, etc. We'll add it to in image- make it large or small- to hang on the wall or create a keepsake box to hold your relationship momentos.

But... you took those a long time ago. Can I still order?
You've got a few choices here if your photos aren't online anymore. You can use your CD- those numbers likely match up with what I have. You can try to describe it to me- I don't know how easy that will be. You can request yours be put back online, and my hubby loves me so much, he'll click the button to make it so. Or you can let me choose.

I'm headed out for dessert on February 14th. What you are up to?
Nikki Dukes
Owner, Purple Lemon Photography

Professional Headshots

Thursday, February 2, 2012
This morning's head shot session got me thinking.  With professional profiles, mini biographies, our website culture, social media, and the graphic-heavy culture we live in, so many people really need a quality photograph of themselves for their day-to-day lives.  And it needs to fit their personality, their career, their life.
Do you have yours?
What about your staff?  Are the photos on your website up to date?
Our sessions are quick, easy, and affordable.  Schedule yours.