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Thursday, March 31, 2011
From what I can see, Casey breathes music. She survives on it, thrives on it. This young lady is preparing to be a music teacher one day, and I can tell she'll do a great job!  

A few more favorites from her Senior Portrait session.  She braved the cold (it was flurrying) in her spring attire, and totally rocked it!

 This one screams, "Casey!"

Here's shout out to Casey's sister, Abby, who came along for shoot. It was so awesome to see the love these two have for each other.  Casey told me that when she started smiling "for real" or laughing, it was because she was thinking of Abby.

Baby B

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
This little guy is a hoot! I love all his expressions and the flurry of activity that he brought to our little session.
Winston Churchill, anyone? This makes me giggle!

One year later...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
I was there to photograph the moment this spunky little one was born.  And a year later, she's ready to celebrate!

She's so cute, I can never decide which images to use...

Rusty & Marian: In Love

Monday, March 28, 2011
I can't recount the number of times I told Rusty & Marian how cute they were on their wedding day. Seriously, they are so cute. Gushy, and wonderfully in love. Just look at how they look into each other's eyes with such joy and sincerity!
A few favorites from their wedding day...

Music and theater are a huge part of their lives, so it was only fitting that they had a variety of friends participate in their ceremony with music.

Just look at how he adores his bride...
Marian & Rusty's wedding party was so lively that it was a blast photographing their laughter and joy.
Marian, without hestiation shouted, "Yes!" when I asked if they wanted to play a game (in the fairly soggy meadow with heels, nonetheless).  I made it up on the way there in the car, and called it "Freeze Photo"- it seemed to be a hit! I will probably have folks play it again- they laughed so hard. Here is one of several hilarious outcomes.
The location for the photographs was at Castlewood State Park- where Rusty proposed. I love this serene photograph (by Chase) of Marian following Rusty to the spot where he professed his intent for marriage.
And here they are at the exact spot.  Marian was such a trooper, heading down in a creek bed in her dress. True love is sacrificial.
Not only did they have cake, but they had s'mores! (which ended up all over my face and hands, very professional me, don't you think?)


once again, very professional of us, right?

Melissa & Zach

Tuesday, March 22, 2011
I met Melissa & Zach the night of their wedding rehearsal, but I felt like I should have known them for ages. It is an unprecedented event for me, as I normally meet my clients many times before the big day. Check out these crazy connections... The wedding was in Kansas City. They live in Dallas. I live in St. Louis. I grew up in Kansas City. They went to college in Columbia, MO, where they became friends with some of mine from church. But we didn't realize that until much after I'd been booked.  A friend of mine from college lived with Melissa when she was in China, and later Dallas (she's the main connection here).  A girl who came to the wedding met Melissa in China lived with another friend of mine sometime last year, and was actually my neighbor, but I didn't meet her until the night before the wedding. Crazy stuff. Felt like relatives so distant that we hadn't met yet.

Being a fan of all things local, add to the mix that my second shooter for the day was a friend of mine from middle school and high school who I had not seen in at least nine years.  She's from Kansas City. We had a lot of catching up to do.

Anyhow... this couple had a wonderful wedding day, full of meaningful and beautiful details and meaningful and beautiful people.  I was so blessed to see the way they honored God on their wedding day, and kind of wish I had the wedding sermon recorded so I could listen to it again. It was that good.
Here are a few of my favorites from throughout the day.

 Such a lovely, but authentic expression- just after the final touches of getting ready.
 Sweet moment of big sister looking at little sister.

 I just love grandma moments!

 I love how his mom is watching them dance!

 Notice how she is OFF the floor during their kiss...

 Two awesome shots by Amy Marcus: