Purple Lemon Photography


Wednesday, February 17, 2010
Valentines weekend, I was showered with love. But not just from my husband and family.  There was some Purple Lemon love being spread around, and I was so honored!

Some of my dearest friends on the planet (and most loyal clients as well), threw a "purple lemon photography party" to unveil their art that I created for them in December.  Complete with purple whipped cream and lemon bars, this delightful evening blessed me so much.  They had decorated with my lemon logo, yellow and purple this and that, and pictures from almost every shoot I've done for them and their family, so everywhere I turned I saw my vision turned reality.
Thank you for blessing me, for supporting my work, and encouraging me every step of the way.  This could not have come at a better time, as this week we celebrate that one year ago I shot my first wedding as owner of my own business.

Beautiful Bedhead Baby

Tuesday, February 16, 2010
In the mornings we have a slightly chaotic routine, mostly because I do not want to get out of bed.  The last step of our routine, before I decide that being trampled upon is too rough that early in the morning, is for my son to climb on my bed, over me,  and look out the window.  Today, there was snow and some trucks outside, so his attention was rapt for quite some time.  And I had to get up and at 'em to get our car fixed bright and early.  (It's done, by the way, but I do not want to walk back to the car place in the snow quite yet. Maybe later).

All that to say, Eli was awake, and cute, and the light was great, and I was actually standing up.  My favorites from our early morning session.

I think this one looks like me when I was a baby.  What do you think, Mom & Dad?
I think he's beautiful. Bedhead and all.

Just Messin'

Monday, February 8, 2010
As a kid my mom always said something about me.  She's "just messin'...", mom'd say.  It was true.  And it still is.  Though a young woman full of drive, passion, and very much intentional in my approach to most every aspect of my life, you can still find me, on occasion "just messin'." 

Today has been a bit of a long day, and it's only about 3:30 pm.  When you get up before six with a wired kiddo and there wasn't a whole lot on the calendar to begin with- and your kiddo isn't old enough to do much of anything, your day quickly dries up of activity.

So I resorted to a bit of messin' in Lightroom (the amazing software I use most of the time for all my photo needs).   When I was in high school we had a very experimental approach to our photography as art; and I have maintained that love for experimental creations.  One of my teachers said that, in art, at least, it's not a mistake if you make it intentional.

I took these concepts into my photography in two ways- first, I like to take the logical "outtakes" or "bad" pictures and make them into something out of the ordinary.  I find that often my "mistakes" (pictures with poor exposure, weird lighting, funky this-or-that) are often the favorites of my clients.  I make them "intentional" by taking a great composition or expression on a face and allow that to be reason enough to save it, work it, and create something fresh and new.

Secondly, I love to play around as a way to learn and a way to create.  Now, granted sometimes it gets me into trouble because I can't easily recreate if I tried, but that's ok. It keeps things one of a kind.

Played around with the sliders in Lightroom on one of the "outtakes" from this shoot a few weeks go, and voila!  Something to brighten up this dreary afternoon.

Leave me some comments and let me know what you think of this photograph of painted footprints.

Playing Ketchup

Monday, February 1, 2010

I have a lot of little things that I have been working on posting today. And I guess this is the last of it.

New Blog Design

A huge thanks to my husband for a lot of hard work.  He gave our blog a complete re-haul and gave Purple Lemon Photography a fresh face!  Great job, Brian- I love you!

Cupcake Celebration

Saturday morning was full of yet another messy little girl's photo shoot.  This one was, however, much more delicious!  It was a first birthday celebration with Cupcakery cupcakes!  They happen to be perfection in a cupcake. No exaggeration required.  It's just that true.

I had my breath taken away while looking into her little eyes. They just suck you in like the ocean. 
Remember this? Same little girl... We're still trying to get them to kiss.