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2011 Prices & Products

Friday, January 28, 2011
We have updated our prices and product offerings. And guess what. That doesn't mean a price increase. Yes, we have had price increases in many areas, but we actually cut a few prices here and there, too!

Why and how did we change our prices?
As our website explains, we are really intentional in our pricing.  It's taken us months to get this change worked out. We want it to be affordable, but also want it to accurately reflect the work we are putting into your portraits and events.  WE LOVE OUR CLIENTS! It was really important for us as we reviewed the investment people make in our work, and we realized that we did not want to price for a different market. We want to keep the types of people we typically get. Y'all are awesome and bless us so much!

Basically what we did was evaluate how much time we were really spending on each of our projects, rather than what we thought we would spend when we initially made the prices.  Then we considered what people actually buy from us. And then we considered the skill level of the work we do. Not only am I a photographer, but we do billing, house cleaning, packaging, website content, sideshows, etc.  Each area gets a certain pay rate, and that included a pay cut for myself in many areas, as well as a modest raise in others.

We also adjusted some of what our packages include as well as some product specifications.  We have listened to your requests and are working to add some products that fit better- especially to get a perfect solution for slideshows with music.  We haven't found exactly what we want yet, but we are working diligently to make that a great offering for you.

As we've stated before, we are all for fair trade and just payment for workers, so I suppose that extends to ourselves. 

Why am I being so transparent and sharing the "inside scoop" with you?
We love honest companies. We love to know why they do the things they do. Brian even wants to buy new glasses just because he loves how the company works. Seriously.  It's hard to find sometimes, and that is the joy of a small business.  It's a benefit you get from working with hard-working "Mama & Papa" companies like ours. You get to know us. The real us.

What are the new package prices?
What new products are we offering?
As I mentioned before, we are still working on a slideshow that we can 'show and sell.'  What we use now isn't good for letting you keep it and see it at home.

Our CD cases are new and super-improved. It's like going from a plastic lemon to fresh-squeezed lemonade.

We're adding some new kinds of canvases and display options.

The package that we are most excited to introduce is our all inclusive Press Printed Deluxe Wedding Package.  It includes an engagement session with a guest book, and an optional bridal/trash the dress session.  Three volumes of albums are custom-designed and presented in a high-quality display box.

 The end.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011
muse: the source of an artist's inspiration.

In high school we had to study a famous photographer and emulate their work. I discovered a photographer named Rodney Smith.  I fell in love with his work- stark yet whimsical. Strong yet free. Elegant yet amusing. It spoke to me.  I remember feeling so frustrated at my limitations.  I wanted my photographs to have stunning architecture, rooms with endless tall windows and drapery. I wanted my gorgeous friends to have ball gowns and time to traipse about in them for me.  I still wonder, to this day, how I managed to get permission to photograph some of the places I went in search of rooms like he had, looking for landscapes like he had.  My skills weren't honed, though.  Let me tell you! I found some of my Rodney Smith inspired work downstairs on Saturday.

Here is my favorite Rodney Smith photograph:

(C) Rodney Smith.  I am not sure if I am allowed to use this picture. His website makes me think it is, but normally, it's not. So if I'm stealing, I am so sorry. As a photographer, I understand.

While at Imaging USA (a photo conference) this past week, Brian and I decided I needed to do a personal project this spring.  I am going to head back to Rodney Smith. Look at what first got me headed towards portraiture, away from leaves and rocks and Christmas ornaments (or really anything sitting near my parents' house).

I realized that much of what inspired me then, inspires me now. I was drawn instantly to many of the same images.  Though I could have looked through thousands of images, pausing to get sucked in by every single one, I made a quick collection of my favorites, focusing on those that impact my work most highly on a day to day basis.

Here's what I have: http://www.rodneysmith.com/portfolios/1182

Sometime this spring, I'll have something to show for returning for some a(muse)ment.

Introducing Animoto & Eli

Wednesday, January 12, 2011
Two big things are happening. It's time for introductions!

1. My son turned two a few weeks ago. I normally post pictures of him every so often, at least every 3 months his first year and 6 months his second year.  I have a set that shows his growth.  This is his last in that set. He almost looks embarrassed that I took them!  (for comparing, click here).

2. Also, we are looking into updating the way we do slideshows! Many of you ask to buy your client slideshows and the music- but there wasn't a good way to do it or to do it legally.  We like being legal and fun, so we are probably going to be using this awesome software that apparently is all the rage here in the photo community.  We haven't purchased it yet, but have been testing the free version online at animoto.com. Here's some of Eli's birthday pictures and video clips. Enjoy! And let us know what you think before we make the investment...

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.

Alyssa & Zach's Fairytale

Once upon the coldest day in your recent recollection (outside of today, mind you), there was a handsome looking young couple that stumbled (quite purposefully) upon a lodge, closed for the season. With no warm den to welcome them, then ventured about the property, talking, laughing, and enjoying the company of one true love.
Perhaps a movie, vintage and sweet? But even for a matinee, it proved too early for a seat. (Perhaps I should venture back into poetry, eh?)

Though their hearts were already aflame, this fire warmed their fingers and toes, their knees and their nose.  This narrator found it so delighting that they will save all affections for a very special wedding day, but even until then into each others eyes they will gaze lovingly, sweetly.

The bleakest of days, but with hope held in their hands, Alyssa and Zach raised lanterns. Perhaps just part of a childhood dream of lanterns on her wedding day, or perhaps as symbols of something more.  They hold their lights high, lights shining into darkness. Wicks trimmed, waiting.  She'll wait for her bridegroom.
 And they lived happily ever after.