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Kenny & Kristi Get Married

Saturday, June 11, 2011
Kenny & Kristi- lovers of all things funky and vintage- not to mention being wild about each other- got married last weekend.  For their engagement photos, we hit up some pretty unusual locations, so I knew their wedding day would be full of character and excitement.  I was not let down.

We'll start with a few pretty details. 
Their ceremony was full of smiles and laughs- the wedding party brought out ring pops in stead of the real rings.  Even Kristi's mom was in on that one!
 And they are down with dancing! At every chance- they danced...
 Kenny's sister is here in the middle.  Every time I see this, I want to be her.  Don't you just love moments when you are laughing this hard?
 While taking some tender moments like this:
 a few kids who had just finished their t-ball game starting watching from the tire swing.  They shouted, "Ewwww!! They're kissing!" Which led to this moment, which still has me laughing.

Kristi loves butterflies, so they were dappled here and there among the flowers, cake, and other decorations.
 And here is the cake being seriously smashed into Kristi's face. Nice capture, Casey! (Not to mention a handful of others that made it here on the blog...)
 I just love Kenny's mom's expression here.  It's just perfect!
Congrats, Mr. & Mrs. Little!