Purple Lemon Photography

Kristi & Kenny

Thursday, October 14, 2010
Kristi & Kenny... well, they're a ... a little bit different. You know, different. Just kidding. They're actually an awesome young couple that wanted their pictures to be a little bit different. I think we hit the mark! We dreamed up a shoot with the following elements: a hotel liquidation warehouse, water, and an overpass. All of which have some connection to their love story. And I love making images reflect those stories, so here goes...

I loved this image the moment I saw it in the lens.

 Hilarity. Mom- see that unicorn?

 Although Kristi is afraid of heights, Kenny proposed on an overpass, of all places.  Just imagine some corn fields and a sunset. Pure romance.  I had seen this overpass with "LOVE" on it a while back and wanting someone daring to go up on it. They fit the bill.  Thanks, Kristi, for facing your fears with such excitement! Glad we didn't get in trouble with this one.

 How amazing? She showed up with a shirt that matched our location.
Come back in June to see more of these two- they made my cameras happy.