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Alyssa & Justin

Friday, June 18, 2010
Do you remember when I took some pictures of a delightful young couple near her grandmother's barn?

Alyssa & Justin's marriage began on Saturday, and it was such an honor to be a part of their wedding day.  Despite the summer heat blasting down on them, they radiated with beauty and passion and joy.  I loved hearing about what God is doing in their lives, even from such a young age.  Their story of falling in love as barely-teenagers reminded me of my own love story.  Several things about their relationship and their wedding day reminded me of my cousin and also of one of my dear friends, Miranda and her husband, so felt even special-er to me. I can say special-er, right? It is my blog.

They didn't exactly take a bad picture all day, so favorites were hard to choose.  This is just a random selection from the day.  We were aiming for a combination of striking beauty and off-the-wall creativity, mixed with a fresh look at Cape Girardeau. 

They had an awesome car for the their grand exit from the ceremony!  Wait for it... wait... wait... WIND!
Who doesn't love a good cake throw? And let me just say, they had a happenin' party! They've got a great collection of dancing pictures.

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