Purple Lemon Photography


Thursday, April 15, 2010
Last week I almost peed my pants. Yes, I know, how professional of me! I was on my way to meet some wedding clients, but the rain was coming down so fast, I knew that if I drove two hours in that I'd be a wreck by the time I got to Cape Girardeau.  A wreck with wet pants.  So I canceled.  Something I hate doing.

It was so worth it!  Today was a gorgeous day and I got to take that rescheduled trip in the sunshine with big puffy white clouds and a gentle breeze.  My planning session ended up being on the front porch of an old house next to a has-been chicken coop during the peak of afternoon glory.  Sunshine. Breezes.  Clients who say "Sounds great!" to my wild wedding photography ideas. My son happily playing with sidewalk chalk back home with a friend.  Couldn't be better.

It was an honor to get to take a handful of pictures today.  These are really special to me, and I hope they are far more to Alyssa and Justin.  These were taken at Alyssa's grandparent's property, something we'd planned all along to do on her wedding day.  But her grandfather passed away recently, and as a way to honor her grandparents and add something beautiful to a hard situation, we stopped by today and took some pictures of the two of them there.  Assuming they still have the property in June, we'll go back on their wedding day and again celebrate the childhood and family background that made Alyssa into the charming young woman she is today.