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Jessie & Joe

Thursday, June 10, 2010
As I looked back on Jessie & Joe's wedding, pleased as punch with the awesome pictures we were able to take that truly reflect their character and their passion, something remarkable came to mind.  I have known Jessie for several years  and have seen God make a huge triumphant victory in her life (if you've followed this blog and my previous blog, you've seen her making appearances every few months).  It was said many times during their wedding day and as they prepared for marriage, but it is true to see how God restored a muddy view of love into the remarkable gift that it really is.  How clearly she can see that now.  But a few years ago, there was a season when I was spending a lot of time praying with Jessie, though I barely new her at the time.  She was brokenhearted and simply wanted to know love. She wanted to be a wife and to have a devoted father to her son.  We prayed for that, trusting God for the outcome to be not only his perfect will, but to be perfect for her as well.

I am thankful to know that God answers prayers, and that I got to photograph the proof.
I am also thankful for A) a second shooter, and B) auto-focus.   It was a challenge to photograph their ceremony as I was crying too hard and sweat was rolling in my eyes.  Who would want to miss these moments that make your heart pitter-patter?
I love how my favorite pictures of the three of them all have the same feel and orientation. What a set!
A few other favorites from the day.  Several of these were taken at Square One Brewery & Distillery in the Lafayette Square area.  The staff there was so accommodating as we took over their patio for a little while.

A few from the reception.
This is an image that I had in my head for months for them. They are full of life and vigor and excitement as a couple.  They are also focused.  During their wedding day, I kept seeing busyness all around them, but they stayed focused on each other, truly soaking in love.  I made this to reflect that aspect of their relationship.
And they lived happily ever after.

Many thanks to Casey for her second shooting expertise. Great Job!


Steve O. said...

Awazing job once again, Purple Lemon! You and Casey did such a fantastic job, not only with the photographs, but just hanging in there on such a hot day! :) Once again, I'm brought to tears by the beauty of your photos and the heart that is brought to each and every one. Thank you for making my sister and bro-in-law's day that much more special.

Janele Oros said...

I think I'll second that "awazing"! Aren't they both so smoldering??? I'm sure it's fun to take pictures of such beautiful people. I love little Lukey's eyes in his close up! What a magic shot. You and Casey were awesome, I couldn't think of better ladies to have around taking photos.

sam stevens said...

beautiful nikki, just beautiful