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Chelsie & Caleb

Tuesday, May 19, 2009
Chelsie & Caleb's wedding may well be my new favorite wedding. Take away the fact that my baby and I were both super-sick, and this was a wonderful weekend. We were in northern Indiana surrounded by family (Chelsie is my cousin) and the loveliness that comes from leaving the city for a while. I enjoyed being in a gorgeous home with no internet during the spring-time. Glorious-ness was all around!

I am so pleased with the images from this wedding and felt technically more confident than ever before. Despite a weather report for rain and hail, the day was perfect. The sun came out for pictures and the wind dried out the boat- yes, a boat! Chelsie and Caleb and their wedding party (all 31 of them!), along with their guests celebrated the reception aboard the Madam Carroll. I was astounded by the photogenic nature of all their wedding party and family- only a small handful of closed eyes, and considering the sheer number of them, it was a small feat.

Congratulations to Chelsie & Caleb! And a big thanks to Chuck and Sandi for the use of their home!

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Anonymous said...

So amazing, Nikki! Loving them! Hey...can you add me to the list to see the photos when you're done? my email address is sarah.westfall@hotmail.com. I meant to do that at the wedding but forgot. THanks!