Purple Lemon Photography


Wednesday, April 7, 2010
UPDATE: this sale is no longer available.

This senior had a super session- made even more super by the fact that it was free.  Yes, you read right, free!  I am still giving away a couple of senior sessions, so if you want in on this sour sweet deal, be sure to schedule a time to eat a whole lemon!

We utilized two areas to make a look like she went to a ton of different locations.  Not only did get a lot of variety and unique pictures, but she and I both had a blast!

Kristen, thanks for making my job easy!

Watch out for her eyes, folks, they'll draw you in and not let you out...

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Janele Oros said...

What a cutie she is! If only I could have had such awesome pictures for my senior year...oh well. Great work, Nikki!