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Labor & Delivery, Island Fairy Style

Tuesday, April 13, 2010
For weeks I'd been on call, 24/7.  About 10 days past her due date, I got a call from a friend of a friend that I'd never met.  It was time. She was about to have her baby.  And I was going to document the whole experience.
 I hung around for a few hours, capturing sweet moments of the first few hours of labor, slowing becoming friends with the soon to be first-time mom and dad.  The hospital staff assumed we'd been life-long friends, but really we'd only met a few hours before.
We were waiting for a little girl to be born. A little girl who was about to receive a name that means "Island Fairy."  (Though I love names, for privacy of the family, her name can be revealed by them alone).
Things were progressing slowly, so I took a break to see my family and run a few errands.  But I returned at nightfall, expecting something wonderful.  It was an honor for me to be a part of such an intimate part of their new family's life.  I am thrilled to be able to provide pictures of the beautiful moments that led to the birth of a little baby.
God led me through that night, filling me with a spirit of prayer and worship of the maker of all things.  I got to see him clearly and dramatically answer my very specific prayers for the delivery of this baby.  Though normally chatty, and one to quickly share my experiences, I felt hushed as God put a humbleness on me.  When needed, I was asked for my opinion and experience, and I was gladly able to offer it.  It was so amazing to just sit back and pray and take photographs.  I could offer encouragement when needed, hold a weary hand, share great news of new life, and be bold in my requests, ensuring great medical care for this new family.  My favorite things all in one glorious evening. 
Isn't she beautiful?

As I went to leave the hospital at precisely 3:00 am, thankful for such a great experience (including a laboring woman who always said please and thank you- and even offered to talk to me on the phone on my way home so I didn't fall asleep), I was met by a woman just outside the parking garage.
Though quickly growing weary myself, knowing I had three clients to meet the next day, I stayed and talked with her.  She really needed a listening ear. Though convinced I was barely out of high school and still in college, she instantly felt comfortable sharing her life with me.  You know most anyone you meet a hospital has some sort of story to share.  At the end I got to pray with her and encourage her spirit.  I hope she got some sleep that night.

Congratulations, A & W, on the birth of your little Island Fairy!

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Anna said...

What a beautiful post. And a beautiful baby! The pictures are great!