Purple Lemon Photography

Seniors: Eat A Lemon!

Friday, March 26, 2010
UPDATE:  this limited time offer for a free session is no longer available, but read on anyhow. you can still get a free set of wallets...

A while ago, I started running a special for high school seniors to get free senior portraits!  "Free?!" you say.  Yes!  For a limited number of high school seniors, I am doing free senior sessions if you eat a whole lemon at your consultation, while I take a few promo pictures.  For other seniors, if you eat just one slice, you can have a free set of wallets.   Good deal, eh?

And clever, too.  Get it? Purple LEMON Photography... Yup, I am that clever.  (note: yes, brother, I know that "clever" where you live, off in the UK, is not the same.)

I am pleased to announce Kristen as my first dare-devil to take me up on the deal.  Her session is set for about 10 days from now, so in the next few weeks, keep your eye out for this lovely young lady!  I have grandiose plans for this set of pictures, but for now here are three from her lemon-devouring experience.
 Thanks, Kristen!

Be looking out for our next post.  We'll finally be revealing our new home and office!