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Mug 'n Bun Love

Thursday, October 18, 2012
This is one of those posts where I am me, and you get a glimpse at my family.  I go on vacation, too, sometimes, though I suppose this one was for work.  And when a photographer goes on a trip, even a lunch stop can mean a whole blog post.

You ready? This is full of Mug 'n Bun Love.

As soon as Abbey & Larry contacted me to photograph their wedding, do you know where my pregnant mind went?  Mug 'n Bun. Yep. Straight to my favorite childhood drive in, where I'd go with my dad when I'd go to work with him at the church as a little girl.  I went right to home made root beer,
some potato wedges, all seasoned and crispy,

 a perfectly made grilled cheese.

So what is Mug 'n Bun? It's Indy's Oldest & Finest Drive In, of course...

 where you put your lights on for service

unless you sit at the tables, of course. And let them take your order with a pencil
but you know what your dad is going to get before he orders it. 
It's where you try to teach your son how amazing this greasy food is, but he's not used to such greasy delicacies and just shrugs, "eh, it's OK, mom."
 Eyepatches are way more cool than french fries.

It's where I prepare months in advance for the extra insulin I'll need that day, and pray it doesn't make me sick; it's where I clear the tray and drink that root beer, every last sip, savoring each flavor, and being thankful Abbey & Larry decided to get married. ;)