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Abbey & Larry Tie the Knot

Thursday, September 27, 2012
Most wedding posts start with the obvious- you know- the bride and groom.  Let's break out of the box a bit and start with, oh, say... me.

This wedding marks the end of my wedding shooting season for 2012.  A little early, I know.  But check it out- me and my #2 are both about to have babies. See? (Just getting to know us? I'm the one in gray, Casey is in green).
But you know what else? We traveled for our last wedding.  Yup, all the way to Indiana. Why would we do that? For family.  The lovely bride is my cousin, Abbey.  So all wrapped up in one "job" was a unique wedding, my final trip, and my family!

My mom and my little gentleman.
My dad even officiated.

 Ok, ok, ok... I know. You want wedding photos.

Abbey and Larry were married a few weeks ago at really unique venue in Noblesville, IN called the Mill Top. 
 I love seeing the emotions of family on a wedding day (especially when it's my darling Aunt Julie).
A pre-first-look photo. 
 A quick jaunt about town...

Their honeymoon has them all over Europe, so I chose this little spot because I thought it had a nice European feel.
 I can't get enough of the details here- the greenery, blue door, moss on the ground, ironwork, and of course, a lovely bride to finish it all off.
 I knew I loved this the moment I took it. Father of the bride.
 Small bit of switching gears here... Is this not hilarious?  These socks have capes, I tell you, capes... That flap in the wind.  Though I have to say I giggle when I see it because I think they look like munchkins from Oz.
 And switch.
 Superman & Wonderwoman...
 And easily perhaps one of my favorite silly photos I've ever taken. I just love it!
 Ok, and we've switch back and pulled those pant legs back down...

 About to walk down the aisle.

Casey's view of the wedding was so great! Not every venue has a brick wall next to the spot where they stand, you know...
 First dance.  I know it's a small detail, but I seriously can't get enough of the little curl coming down into Abbey's face.
 Breakfast for dinner (yum!).  That omelet guy and I were a great team. He worked hard to get that omelet up in the air for me!
 And the guests even got to play rock band... Though these guys are pretty much just faking. :)