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Backyard Beautiful, Phase 1

Thursday, October 11, 2012
When spring arrived, I photographed a young friend just for me, as a creative photo shoot.  You can see a couple here.

Then fall started to show up, and I needed to do another session just for me.  I had an itching to continue the look I had created in the Spring, but change it up a litte.  A different young friend, with an equally amazing ability to blow my mind with perfect expressions. Same dress, same rusty trellises  same natural setting, but something different.

Inspired by senior portrait photographer (a friend who let me use her "real" camera back when I was probably in middle school to take photos of angel statues) who does some incredible and unique work (roddaphotography.com), I wanted to create a tent.  She has done some wonderful work with her senior girls with these whimsical tents in the middle of nowhere.

I had in mind something similar, but more childlike and inspired by afternoons in the backyard playing, reading, and creating your own world.  But like before, I wasn't interested in something that was all playful and fun, but something with emotion, perhaps solemn and compelling. Working with a kid though provides both easily, as every deep stare she threw into the lens was quickly followed by a genuine laugh or bright eyes. I can't get enough of either.

The brightness, a little girl being swallowed up in white lace and sunshine.  Such sweetness, even in the solemnity.

This also provided me with a chance to experiment some with lighting, editing, and trying a few different styles that I haven't done before, or not often with real sessions.

(We did two styles during the session- each with a different set of clothes for my little model- so this is just "phase one"- vintage dress.)

A smattering of favorites.

And a transition to the smiles with a little smirk...

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Steve O. said...

Good golly...when did this little girl grow UP!!!? Beautiful photos, Nikki, and completely shocked by your 'little friend's' grown-upness.