Purple Lemon Photography


Tuesday, March 20, 2012
The approach of springtime has really stirred my soul this year, catching me off guard in quiet moments holding my son while he falls asleep in a thunderstorm with the windows open and the water pounding the screens, driving in the light rain with trees, full of bright blossoms, bending gently in the weight of the wind, and the warm sunshine falling, unfiltered onto my skin.  Music is reaching in deep. My mind, full of photos, un-taken, but fully realized in my mind.

Several days ago, I just fell in love with the blossoms of the Bradford Pears, one of which is in my backyard; so I just keep laying there, snuggled with my kiddo on a blanket, licking a Popsicle, and staring at that mix of bright sky and branches.  I also had my hubby "steal" these awesome iron trellises from someone's front yard last week. These two items- branches and the white iron trellises- got stuck in my brain with a little girl, serious, wearing a simple white dress.  

She was aching to get out.
She was part of the essence of Spring.
 Bright, yet solemn. Soft, yet fierce.

more of this to come in future days, but for now, open your windows and let the fresh air sweep you up.