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Sunny Little Studio

Thursday, March 1, 2012
There's a new business coming to town- Sunny Little Studio is launching today!

Our dear friend and her business partner have joined the ranks of custom-made softie (soft toys, stuffed animals) creators.  I've been photographing their little creations over the last few weeks and seeing their process come to life, and it's worth checking out.
They take a drawing from your child or grandchild of an animal, creature, or person and then bring it life in the form of a stuffed creation to love and enjoy.  How fun is that? A one of a kind stuffed animal! ...or monster, robot, vampire, etc.

This little guy is seriously so cute and squishy. We couldn't stop cuddling him...

If your little lass or little fella has drawn a special picture or needs a new cuddle-buddy, skip on over to Sunny Little Studio and send in that drawing.