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Tiny Post: Solving the Mystery

Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Reminder: I do head shots.

This is Heather. She is a fabulous costume designer and has a show opening this week.  It's a spoof of Twilight called Nightlight.  Don't miss it Thursday or Sunday this week at the J!

So what's the mystery?  The mystery is who this wonderful young woman is...

Poor Heather often gets a lame/confusing/befuddling introduction to most of my clients.  And though I know some previous clients might not read this, I am going to set the record straight.

My husband, Brian, and my son Eli and I live in a house. We really value living in tight community and sharing our home whenever possible.  So shortly after we got married, we opened our home.  We've shared our living spaces with a handful of friendly folks, and Heather is one of them.  We lived together in the dorms in college and have lived together off and on for several years.  She currently lives "upstairs."  We eat together. Share a bathroom. Or two. She sews next to my packaging station.  And she loves Eli in a great way.  We love her.  It's like having a family and a roommate at the same time, so I still get a great husband, but I also get to share clothes and do someone's hair on occasion. Pretty sweet deal.