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Adventuring x3

Monday, February 27, 2012
Stay tuned... Wedding Season is almost upon us, and we'll take a break from all the personal posts, but until then...

Last week was kind of a tumult around here. All four of us in our household had some kind of illness and mine stuck me in the hospital for a few days (Adventure #1). I'm fine now, no worries, but it did kind of throw a kink into life. 

God's faithfulness was good in all of it though. And as we start a week of renovating my office (finally!, and I hope this works...), Adventure #2,

I am even more thankful for a warm, sunny day in February that let me head out on a grand adventure (#3) with my little adventurer
and my big adventurer.
These are among my favorite moments in my life. Adventuring with my family- in sickness and health, in calmness or renovation, or (preferably) in the great outdoors.