Purple Lemon Photography

Testimonial of an indirect nature

Monday, February 6, 2012
I have intentionally chosen not to put testimonials on my website, but I have to say, when I get a nice note from a couple in the mail, or the mother of the bride sends a note my way, or I get an email with about a bazillion exclamation marks, it encourages me tremendously.

When I was doing a little google-ing of ourselves this evening to see how hard it is to find us, I came across this blog post from last summer that really made me full of gratitude.  (Thanks, Emilie.)

People often ask me about the bridezillas, crazy wedding stories, and major wedding mishaps- and you know what- I don't have them. I am paired, most often, with brides and grooms that are wonderful, passionate, have vision for their lives, their marriages (and their wedding photos), and we just mesh.

I look forward to seeing what couples head our way to fill our our 2012 calendar.  Who else is out there that is recently engaged and is looking for a photographer? Some DIY brides? A couple with a funky wedding who will be daring with me at some unusual location? Vintage-inspired bride?  Someone who doesn't see themselves as necessarily creative, but will go out on a branch with me?