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sweetness of summer, part four

Thursday, July 7, 2011
NOT back to School (yet)
It's not back to school season yet, so why not take some time to schedule a lazy-days of summer photo session this August?

I've been thinking about how wonderful those moments are when your kids are in their jammies, or splashing in the tub, getting tickled on the living room floor, or eating their cereal in the morning (or afternoon or evening or bedtime or whenever. Seriously. It's cereal).

We always want photos of those moments when the laughs are real, the hair is sticking up with bubbles, and they are dawning the most perfect PJs that may have ever landed on planet Earth (ours were rocket ship pjs before Eli got too big). People snap photos on their phones and post them to Facebook, but faces are kind of blurry and the flash took a bit longer than expected and the expression is gone. (And sometimes those are photos that mean the most), but think about having a mini session or a larger session birthed out of something ordinary turned into extraordinary art.

Sessions start at just $150. But the cool part is: I am in charge of a charity event a few times a year. Our next one is just after school starts- September 3. I'll let you earn extra photo credit on your order (up to $50) by donating clean, lightly used coats, shoes, jackets, pants, or long-sleeved shirts. $5 earned per item.