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Leah & Glenn Get Married

Thursday, June 30, 2011
Every bit of working with Leah & Glenn has been a delight.  I feel such a fondness for them that it's hard to describe.  They are a charming couple- both photographically and in their personalities.  I love their love story and where God is taking them.  We told their long-distance romance through travel-based photographs during their engagement, and let their elegance and class shine through on their wedding day. As someone passionate about church planting, I pray for their new marriage and endurance as they embark on the journey of a new church this season. Their eyes just melt when they see each other (giddy even, as you will see), and romance and devotion go hand in hand.  What a beautiful day. Editing has been a joy, and I've been aching to get done to share some beautiful moments.

Leah. Simply darling. 
 Just moments before seeing Glenn for their "first look."
 Glenn the moment of the "first look".  (Told you they'd be giddy!)
 I keep looking this image and love her expression. Then I keep looking and love why she's laughing!
 An image that not only do I love visually, but to me it means something. His gentle leadership, and her willing heart to follow after him.  (And didn't he totally ROCK this pose?)
 I love the abundance of textures in this- all the way to his stubble.
 Dream come true. I imagined this the night before and viola!
Reception at her grandparent's farm. 
Inspiration for this mini-shoot at the reception from Kym Rodda of Rodda Photography in Eureka Springs, AK. Hi Kym! It was so hard to choose what to share...
And I'm not sure who this little guy is, but I bet he's saying, "It's over? Already?"