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Leah & Glenn, Let the Season Begin!

Thursday, March 3, 2011
It's shooting season, y'all- and I don't mean ducks. Or any other kind of animal. Just humans. But not with a gun. Or squirt gun. Or a crossbow. Just my camera. :)

I hopped back into the swing of things with Leah and Glenn.  I love getting to know people and their stories and finding ways to visually represent them.  They have a great story. Though it hasn't always been this way, they are enduring the distance during their engagement, while living states apart, and preparing to move to Tennessee this year. They also love old things. So for our first stop, we headed out for some dramatic, romantic, traveling photographs with old trains. I can't get enough of this location! And Leah will just gaze at you with those eyes all day long and scoop you up!
These two have spent a lot of time hanging out in coffee shops, at cook outs, and spending time outdoors- and that move to Tennessee is so that they can be a part of a new church there.  Mix it all up- and voila- we livened things up with a stop at church-turned-coffee shop that reflected their love of color!

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Nice shots, Nikki!