Purple Lemon Photography

2011 Prices & Products

Friday, January 28, 2011
We have updated our prices and product offerings. And guess what. That doesn't mean a price increase. Yes, we have had price increases in many areas, but we actually cut a few prices here and there, too!

Why and how did we change our prices?
As our website explains, we are really intentional in our pricing.  It's taken us months to get this change worked out. We want it to be affordable, but also want it to accurately reflect the work we are putting into your portraits and events.  WE LOVE OUR CLIENTS! It was really important for us as we reviewed the investment people make in our work, and we realized that we did not want to price for a different market. We want to keep the types of people we typically get. Y'all are awesome and bless us so much!

Basically what we did was evaluate how much time we were really spending on each of our projects, rather than what we thought we would spend when we initially made the prices.  Then we considered what people actually buy from us. And then we considered the skill level of the work we do. Not only am I a photographer, but we do billing, house cleaning, packaging, website content, sideshows, etc.  Each area gets a certain pay rate, and that included a pay cut for myself in many areas, as well as a modest raise in others.

We also adjusted some of what our packages include as well as some product specifications.  We have listened to your requests and are working to add some products that fit better- especially to get a perfect solution for slideshows with music.  We haven't found exactly what we want yet, but we are working diligently to make that a great offering for you.

As we've stated before, we are all for fair trade and just payment for workers, so I suppose that extends to ourselves. 

Why am I being so transparent and sharing the "inside scoop" with you?
We love honest companies. We love to know why they do the things they do. Brian even wants to buy new glasses just because he loves how the company works. Seriously.  It's hard to find sometimes, and that is the joy of a small business.  It's a benefit you get from working with hard-working "Mama & Papa" companies like ours. You get to know us. The real us.

What are the new package prices?
What new products are we offering?
As I mentioned before, we are still working on a slideshow that we can 'show and sell.'  What we use now isn't good for letting you keep it and see it at home.

Our CD cases are new and super-improved. It's like going from a plastic lemon to fresh-squeezed lemonade.

We're adding some new kinds of canvases and display options.

The package that we are most excited to introduce is our all inclusive Press Printed Deluxe Wedding Package.  It includes an engagement session with a guest book, and an optional bridal/trash the dress session.  Three volumes of albums are custom-designed and presented in a high-quality display box.

 The end.