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Alyssa & Zach's Fairytale

Wednesday, January 12, 2011
Once upon the coldest day in your recent recollection (outside of today, mind you), there was a handsome looking young couple that stumbled (quite purposefully) upon a lodge, closed for the season. With no warm den to welcome them, then ventured about the property, talking, laughing, and enjoying the company of one true love.
Perhaps a movie, vintage and sweet? But even for a matinee, it proved too early for a seat. (Perhaps I should venture back into poetry, eh?)

Though their hearts were already aflame, this fire warmed their fingers and toes, their knees and their nose.  This narrator found it so delighting that they will save all affections for a very special wedding day, but even until then into each others eyes they will gaze lovingly, sweetly.

The bleakest of days, but with hope held in their hands, Alyssa and Zach raised lanterns. Perhaps just part of a childhood dream of lanterns on her wedding day, or perhaps as symbols of something more.  They hold their lights high, lights shining into darkness. Wicks trimmed, waiting.  She'll wait for her bridegroom.
 And they lived happily ever after.