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Spokes & Sandwiches

Thursday, June 3, 2010
May has drawn to a close, as has our set of specials to provide bikes for missionaries in Asia.  We were able to raise money for three bikes!  Thanks for your support!  We'll be making that donation to Gospel for Asia in the near future.  (Got that, honey-who-pays-our-bills?  Don't forget.)

Also, I did some day-to-day shots for The Bridge (often seen here on PLP) and for their Memorial Day lunch and sack-dinner preparations.
It's fun being down there now that people recognize me and know who I am.  There is a general comfortableness that develops, and now me and my camera are commonplace- much less intimidating for people.
It's awesome how many varieties of fresh produce they get.

Get ready... wedding season is coming into full-swing around here.  I'll try to pop in with each wedding, but we'll be busy!  And let me say... we're starting with a lively bunch (of people that I love to munch so much!)