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Kate & Mike

Friday, April 16, 2010

Kate and Mike had their engagement session for their fall wedding this past weekend.  They have chosen one of my packages that allows for a lot of personalization so that their pictures reflect them and their relationship.  We started at one of their favorite areas, which we'll revisit on their wedding day.
I like to ask couples about their relationship- the first date, the proposal, all the gushy stuff and see how we might be able to incorporate it.  They have a unique first date story in which they got in a car accident on their way to eat at Acero in Maplewood.  Next thing you know they are at a different restaurant altogether- which apparently burnt down not too long after that.  And for their 2nd anniversary, they finally made it back to Acero- and loved it.  We went there and enjoyed the very accommodating staff who let us take over the patio (and I got to sample their first dish...Yumm!).  Our timing was perfect as they didn't have many customers at the time so they got to enjoy some private outdoor dining. Cheers!

Our final destination was the amazing rooftop of their loft downtown.  There was a perfect view of the St. Louis skyline, Arch, City Museum, and the sunset. Let me just say WOW!  Here they brought out their dogs, Brody & Baxter who are (no joke) as big as I am, but super friendly. That sunset was a great way to round out the afternoon.


Mike said...

Awesome work, Nikki! Can't wait to see the rest.

(Ha Ha! I beat you to the comments, Kate!)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Nikki you are amazing!!!