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A special gift

Monday, October 26, 2009
Saturday there was a trio of special gifts that all led to a fabulous maternity shoot!
Cristina is getting a special gift- her little baby. Her best friend gave her a special gift- a maternity package. And God gave us a lovely day, which is a great gift for me, because I was inspired by some warm-toned pictures and I got sent to Lens-Flare-Heaven!

When I was in middle school and high school, people always commented that I "chopped people's heads off" in their pictures. I still do. But when I get enamored with pregnant bellies, it's more readily accepted. Don't get me wrong, I love faces (and hair, expressions, smiles, etc.), but there is something about showing something else about the human form than the head. In this instance, the amazing pregnant belly. (oh my, that sounds like a circus act.. The Amazing Pregnant Belly!- sorry Cristina- that was just too amusing for me to pass up)

Congratulations to Cristina and Micah on your first child!