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Scratch and Sniff

Tuesday, October 27, 2009
I wish these pictures had scratch 'n sniff possibilities! Let me just say this steak smelled amazing...

The Bridge, frequently seen here on my blog, had an event this weekend- a steak dinner for their guests provided by Bonhomme Presbyterian Church! Let me tell you that when the man who was announcing things said to praise God if you got a big FAT steak, cheers erupted! I was told that if I didn't eat this cookie, it'd be a sin. I agree. It was tasty!

Their youth choir sang...

This young lady must be gifted at service, as she never stopped smiling. Even when I put the camera down.

Who doesn't love a good picture of salt and pepper shakers on a rainy day?

This guy called me "Camera Lady"- which I'd say works pretty well. I knew he was talking to me. We had a nice chat about my camera, as he is in the market for one, and the Polaroids pictures he used to take years ago in downtown St. Louis. The pictures I am to take of the guests are to help bring a face of dignity to the people served by The Bridge, and this experience did that for me. It is easy to think that the homeless population doesn't know what's going on in the world or are out of touch. But the group of people I spoke with, including this man, all could tell me more about the news, hooking up my DTV converter box (that hasn't ever been done), and local camera stores than I could share with them. Dignity was found.