Purple Lemon Photography

Baby Claire

Monday, October 19, 2009
Welcome to Baby Claire! She is #4 among an amazing clan. Each time I enter this home I stand amazed. It is clean, quiet, smells good, and there are 7 people living in this house! The children are polite and helpful and on this cozy Saturday morning, dear friend Jesse took his 3 other children to the grocery store so I could capture some one on one time with momma and baby (rare at this home, I'm sure). It is so amazing how faithfully this family serves our church; Tiffany, who does an amazing job mothering her own four kids, also serves all the kids at City Lights Church as our kid's director. Love you, Tiff!

Here is one to represent a series I shot with this softer, cozy look to represent the peace and "hush" that always fills their home when I come over- which, I'm sure isn't always the case with a bunch of little ones runnin' around, but even so... I think this home really understands God when he asks us to "be still and know that I am God."

And this blanket that Claire is wrapped in was Tiffany's as a a little girl. Love those details!